Gene Luen Yang Reclaims DC's Most Famous Racist Stereotype For New Super Man (Spoilers)

Plenty to write about in today's New Super Man #8. And we will. But first, remember Batman/Superman #32? It became a major hot item as the first appearance of Kong Kenan, the new Chinese Superman.

Except, as we tried to tell everyone at the time, when it rocked to $20 on eBay and more, it really wasn't.

But this figure from that issue…

Batman-Superman d

…appears to be making a comeback in the new issue of New Super Man out today.


As for the person freeing this… Superman Zero?

1486550502621Could it be Dr Oz? Ozymandias? Dr Manhattan?

Um… no. As drawn by Billy Tan….


That, folks, is Ching Lung, from the cover of Detective Comics #1 from 1937, the comic that would name DC Comics and would a couple of years later, introduce Batman to the world. And created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Schuster as well.


As writer Gene Luen Yang told PRI on the launch of the New Super Man series, 

"He's a Chinese super genius bent on taking over the Western world. He was designed to play on the fears that America had of the Chinese at the time. And he is an image that essentially denigrates and dehumanizes an entire people."

And now Gene Luen Yang is reclaiming him for the series… as the man responsible for all the DC superheroes.

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