Get The Scoop! Ice Cream, Katsucon, Sean Spicer, Oh My!

Recently it was outed that Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, is actually an anime fan, and at Katsucon 2013 even cosplayed as a Gundam (Seriously a Gundam).

We also learned that he's had a long standing feud with Dippin Dots ice cream, for honestly no real good reason. Spicer's comments and dismissal of the press has upset many, especially web comic artist Jessi Pascal. Jessi is now organizing a Katsucon meetup in which people will eat Dippin Dots ice cream, and discuss ways to hopefully help the press.


I had a chance to ask her a few questions about the meetup, and this is what she had to say:

What motivated you to do this?

I was upset by Spicer's statements and his dismissal of the press. It was abrupt and presented no actual fact. Then, thanks to the media and social media, we found out some goofy things about Spicer. We have common threads, even if we disagree – we're both nerds, both have attended Katsucon, and Katsu was on my brain since it's coming up. I also read about his feud with Dippin Dots, and realized that there is a Dippin Dots (or another brand equivalent) vending machine where Katsucon is held. At first, I just wanted to eat all of the Vanilla Dippin Dots to simply mock the absurdity of his conference, but… …I realized that the thing that made me the most angry was the thing that should have attention. What started out as a simple joke became more than that.

What kind of reaction are you hoping to get?

I'm hoping that people will take the opportunity to open up a dialogue with each other – together, we are stronger, and by sharing ideas rather than fearing them, we become better for it. I'm also hoping that it will make people more aware that freedoms that we value should be celebrated, not shut down, like what Spicer did in his conference.

What message are you hoping to send to Spicer?

Freedom of speech, expression, and the press are some of our most fundamental rights – criticism and questions are necessary for making a better country and a better administration. When you aren't letting that conversation happen, there is no improvement and there is no fact. These are some of the rights that our country was built on, and our different ideas and experiences make us great. We should let these things build us up, not stagnate or tear us down.

What message are you hoping to send to others?

We need to speak out, and when we don't agree, we should talk about it. Even if we don't agree, let's gain a new perspective by talking to one another. If we see something wrong, we should say something. We should always question, seek knowledge, and stand up for the right to speak. Oh, and Dippin Dots are delicious. They are the ice cream of the future, after all."

If you are unable to attend Katsucon, don't worry. Jessi is encouraging others to take selfies with Dippin Dots (or other similar ice creams) and to use the hashtag #getthescoop. Personally I think this is a fantastic way to get people involved, even though it may hurt some people's diets.

You can follow Jessi at Geeks Next Door

You can find out more about the event here: Get The Scoop! Meetup at Katsucon 2017



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