Going To MoCCA 2016 for Donald Trump And Darkseid

by Noelle Stevenson

By Jason Borelli, on his way to MoCCA 2016

Before New York got the massive comic book convention it needed in New York Comic Con, there was the MoCCA Arts Festival. Originally established by the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art in 2002, the Fest became a must-see show for anybody who wanted to sample the indie scene.

Up until 2013, I went there every year . . . first at the Puck Building, then at the 69th Regiment Armory in Midtown. In 2013, the show fell under the auspices of Society of Illustrators.

In 2014, I wound up scheduling a trip with my mother to Atlanta. It was an eventful trip. We got to meet a panda. The following year, I attended East Coast Comicon in Secaucus, NJ; I had gotten the ticket to that show before finding out when the Fest was taking place. In retrospect, I should have gone to the Fest.

This year, I have no conflicts. There are no advance ticket sales, and the price is $5 per day, which is a bargain. In addition to seeking out artists for sketches, I'll be trying out stuff I might have passed up at other cons.

As for references, I'm going to talk somebody into drawing Donald Trump as Darkseid. Overall, the biggest stumbling block is that the show will be taking place at Metropolitan West, which will be a hike from subway stations, but it should be manageable…

I'm on my way.

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