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New York’s MoCCA Cancelled/Postponed, Over Coronavirus Pandemic Fears
The MoCCA Arts Festival is Manhattan's largest independent comics, cartoon and animation festival, spread over a weekend, drawing over 7,000 attendees each year with 400 exhibiting artists displaying their work, award-winning honorees speaking about their careers and artistic processes and other featured artists conducting workshops, lectures and film screenings I loved attending the few times I[...]
A Manhattan Morning At MoCCA At The Metropolitan
Jason Borelli goes to MoCCA for Bleeding Cool His Prologue ran yesterday… To my surprise, I came home to find that Rich Johnston had published my prologue of MoCCA And then I read the comments For the record: Trump-as-Darkseid was my idea, not Rich's I see the crowds gathering at Trump rallies, and I start drawing[...]
Going To MoCCA 2016 for Donald Trump And Darkseid
by Noelle Stevenson By Jason Borelli, on his way to MoCCA 2016 Before New York got the massive comic book convention it needed in New York Comic Con, there was the MoCCA Arts Festival Originally established by the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art in 2002, the Fest became a must-see show for anybody who wanted to[...]
MST3K Fans… This One Has It All
He entitled it Where's Servo and took it to MOCCA where it sold out Now he's offering it up again for pre-order as he puts together a second printing Now with purchase you get a key so you can find all your favorites… but that's cheating. Now… help me find Rowsdower. Topless Robot found utter gold[...]
Benton's MoCCA Award Winning B+F Arrives In September Bigger, Better
By Hannah Means-Shannon Gregory Benton brought 50 copies of a large format, self-published comic to MoCCA Fest 2013 in slinky plastic envelopes and the unveiling itself had an immediate effect on curious passers by Stretched out over the table, the book had the feel of looking, or even falling into lavish paintings, and his silent composition[...]
That Was The MoCCA Weekend That Was
Alexa Dickman of Ladies Making Comics went to MoCCA in New York this weekend And she told Bleeding Cool all about it! MoCCA Fest is a nice change of pace from the usual convention grind– no big media or movie presence, no rows upon rows of longboxes of back issues and discount trades, no[...]