Hal Jordan And The Green Lantern Corps #25 Review: Soranik Sinestro And The End Of The Experiment

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The growing conflict between the two Corps reaches a fever pitch as members of the Sinestro Corps attack Tomar Tu. Hal has to fight them off, and the rest of both Corps arrive to the scene. Guy and Arkillo want to know who branded Kyle with the Sinestro Corps insignia, and Soranik Natu arrives to take credit. She tells her Corps members that Kyle hid the identity of another descendent of Sinestro himself, and that he is dead because of the actions of the Green Lantern Corps. This is all, of course, in reference to Sarko, the future child of Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu.

Soranik claims the name of her father, Sinestro, and the two Corps split apart at last, with some Sinestro Corps members sticking with the Green Lantern Corps. The GLs manage to repeal the attack of the Yellows, and the alliance of the two Corps is shattered.

This is the intense finale that "Fractured" deserves. The alliance of the Sinestro and Green Lantern Corps was a cool idea, but it seemed to be flawed from the start. The Sinestro Corps has fascism writ large into its origin, and the Green Lantern Corps do not go to those extremes. Add to that an enraged Soranik, Tomar Tu killing Romat Ru, and that's all it took to blow apart the alliance.

It is disappointing to see the bromance of Guy Gardner and Arkillo end; those two were really adorable together.

Seeing Soranik proclaim the name Soranik Sinestro was pretty damn cool honestly. I'm really interested in seeing where her character goes from here.

I imagine Robert Venditti probably didn't think about this while writing the story, but it is a little awkward to see a galactic police officer who killed an unarmed suspect in cold blood portrayed in a positive light. Romat Ru was a murderous psychopath who abused his own power as an officer to slaughter innocents, and at least Tomar Tu is being arrested for his killing. However, that is a shaky thing to do in the current sociopolitical atmosphere. Also, at least Tomar Tu is a sympathetic character as opposed to the real-life analogues for this kind of thing.

To move into spoiler territory, one of the key things that drove off the attack of the Sinestro Corps was a protocol that John Stewart put into the Sinestro Corps' Power Battery called "Katma", which made the Yellow Rings incapable of attacking a Green Lantern. This is proposed as a good thing, but it does show that John never really trusted the Sinestro Corps as he proclaimed. I get it, John is a stone cold military man; but it still doesn't make him look all that great.

Ethan Van Sciver's artwork is strong as always. I will say that, having had a lot of issues to view his work within, it does have its weaknesses. Mainly, the extra-muscular appearance of most of the characters does make them look a little warped at some angles. Also, the huge chins make the likes of Hal, Kyle, Guy, and John look pretty damn weird. That being said, he is still a really talented artist, and the majority of the panels look great. Jason Wright's heavily contrasting color palette makes for many striking panels to aid Sciver's work.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps continues its hot streak, with Venditti, Sciver, and Wright making another incredibly issue that promises many great future issues. Pick this one up, and add it to your pull list.

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