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Jon Stewart Finds
John Stewart, Green Lantern, has been testing the limits of his powers But he now goes where no Green Lantern has gone before Not like this, anyway Just as Hal Jordan has been testing his new abilities, so John Stewart takes that but goes far further, with his newly formed and experimental power ring Previously,[...]
DC's New John Stewart: Green Lantern Project to be Like James Cameron
When the new Green Lantern #1 was solicited, it included a mention of "part one of John Stewart: War Journal from writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson and artist Montos" though on publication, this had become "Rise Of The Revenant Queen" Later the September launch of his title, originally announced as Green Lantern: John Stewart, it was[...]
John Stewart
Once upon a time, DC Studios head James Gunn retweeted and replied to Bleeding Cool news that certain DC Comics collections of comics had sold out and were going back to print, as a result of his news about which characters and which comic book stories would be receiving movie and TV treatment from DC[...]
DC Comics Reveals Ages Of Characters IOn Their Dating Profiles
While Zatanna rocks those fishneets at 33, John Stewart is younger at 29, and new transmasculine superhero Jules Jourdain, Circuit Breaker is the same age as Jason Todd… Welcome to the DC Comics twitter feed on Valentine's Day And if any of these ages mess with either your personal headcanon or established continuity, don't worry,[...]
Interior preview page from John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of John Stewart: The Emerald Knight #1! This week, I'm reluctantly joined by Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron I'm sure you're all familiar with LOLtron's antics, so I'm going to have to ask you to keep it on a short leash and not to try to take over the[...]
John Stewart Levels Up in Emerald Knight One-Shot This November
Geoffrey Thorne and Marco Santucci will serve DC Comics readers a new helping of Green Lantern with a 48-page John Stewart: The Emerald Knight one-shot in November The comic will– "Oi! 'Old on a minute!" said Bleeding Cool Rumourmonger-in-Chief Rich Johnston, rudely barging into our article "You 'eard about that 'ere first, you did! Pip pip!" Yes,[...]
Interior preview page from Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1
John Stewart isn't dead in this preview of Dark Crisis Worlds Without a Justice League Green Lantern #1 Just retired Check out the preview below. DARK CRISIS WORLDS WITHOUT A JUSTICE LEAGUE GREEN LANTERN #1 DC Comics 0622DC039 (W) Phillip Kennedy Johnson, Nadia Shammas (A) Fernando Blanco, Jack Herbert (CA) Fernando Blanco When Pariah and his forces of the Great[...]
Green Lantern #12 Review: Fascinating
Credit: DC Comics John Stewart has gone through quite a lot: leading a quest to the far side of the galaxy, seeing many of the Lanterns who joined that quest die in the process, working without the power rings they'd come to rely on, then "eating the Godstorm" and becoming connected to the Source and here,[...]
Green Lantern #11 Review: Out Of Hand
Credit: DC Comics In the quaintly named Dark Sectors, John Stewart is the quest leader for a rapidly diminishing number of Green Lanterns whose rings all went dark when magical forces destroyed the central power battery on Oa There, he has tamed something called the Godstorm and absorbed its power That gives him a ridiculous new[...]
Green Lantern #10 Review: A Big Swing
With a jarring but still entertaining expansion of scope, this shows that John Stewart is leveling up into a whole new kind of character. Green Lantern #10 Cover Credit: DC Comics The story skips ahead in time to show John Stewart as the Lord Prefect of an emerald-shaded army protecting a distant area of space The tale[...]
Green Lantern John Stewart Returns for McFarlane Toys Endless Winter
John Stewart Green Lantern is easily one of the coolest moments in the DC Comics Endless Winter story arc The legendary Lantern took on the Frost King all by himself as he awaits the Justice League to arrive and give him back up McFarlane Toys has added John Stewart as their last figure for their[...]
Green Lantern #8 Review: Shines Strongly
Credit: DC Comics John Stewart has a tag-along — the New God Lonar, god of journeys, who has told the former architect and Marine that everything the Guardians did in regards to his time with the Corps was to hold back who he really was Now, if this means that he was an unnamed New Guardian[...]
Green Lantern #7 Review: Gravitas and Urgency
With star-spanning adventures and personal, emotional stakes, Green Lantern #7 does a great job tracking the fallout of the fall of Oa while introducing John Stewart to some distinctive surprises There are developments big and small here, and each one is treated with equal gravitas and urgency. Green Lantern #7 Cover Credit: DC Comics First of all,[...]
Green Lantern #6 Review: Engaging Superhero Stories
In Green Lantern #6, his means two of their numbers — fallen Earth cop Jo Muellin, now ambassador to the galaxy, and decorated Lantern leader and former Marine John Stewart, trapped in a strange part of the galaxy — need to learn new things to address the changes in front of them. Green Lantern #6 Cover[...]
Green Lantern #4 Review: Layers And Surprises
John Stewart battles alone on the edge of known space while Jo Muellin tries to take control of a situation on the Green Lantern homeward of Oa that borders on the uncontrollable. Green Lantern #4 Cover Credit: DC Comics On a frontier world that's spent most of its energy hiding from the universe at large, a party[...]
Green Lantern John Stewart Shows Cosmic Power With Tweeterhead
Tweeterhead is back with another incredible DC Comics statue as the Green Lantern's light shines with John Stewart Coming in at 20.5" tall, one of Earth's Lanterns is in the spotlight with a highly detailed sculpt as he stands on a yellow Qwardian Power Battery The statue will also include the Green Lantern powered squirrel[...]
Green Lantern #3 Review: Pretty Doggone Enjoyable
John Stewart has to learn a number of new rules if he hopes to bring a semblance of justice to what is called the "Dark Sector," behind some kind of energy barrier that wreaks havoc on GL rings while back home things aren't much better. Green Lantern #3 Cover Credit: DC Comics The issue's requisite exposition dump[...]
Green Lantern #2 Review: A New Era On Oa
Credit: DC Comics John Stewart stands at the center of the greatest moment of change for the Corps since its inception An agreement with the newborn United Planets means a difference in the policing of the galaxy and right off the bat, rubbing the ringslingers the wrong way The script from Geoffrey Thorne does a great[...]
Green Lantern #1 Review: New Ideas And Fresh Takes
John Stewart is stepping up in a big way as the future of the spaceborne police force, which is at an unexpected crossroads The one consistent thing you will see in Green Lantern #1 is Stewart in a role of leadership, rallying forces and making decisions as a delightful tableau is set for new adventures. Green Lantern[...]
Future State Green Lantern #2 Review: Hold The Line
Credit: DC Comics Starting off with the story of John Stewart, he starts out in a bad place A horde of bloodthirsty Khunds, zealously worshiping The God In Red, have captured him after he sacrificed himself to make sure helpless refugees could escape The leader of this Khundish cult wears the robotic body of a fallen[...]
Is Hal Jordan To Blame For Future State: Green Lantern?
In a preview for Infinite Frontier #from DC Comics, we see Green Lanterns John Stewart and Simon Bax, and Teen Lantern Keli Quintela heading to Oa. Infinite Frontier #0 Infinite Frontier #0 In today's Future State: Green Lanterns #2, courtesy of Josie Campbell and Andie Tong, we get to see what happens when she gets there So…not that[...]
Future State Green Lantern #1 Review: A Lot Of Story
Credit: DC Comics When it went down, a group of Lanterns led by John Stewart was in what's called "the Dark Sectors," lawless realms that were unable to be policed under even the best of circumstances When the rings went dark, lawmen were stuck behind enemy lines with reprobates and murderers … for decades That kind[...]
Green Lanterns Lose Their Rings - For Decades - In DC Future State
G'nort has become a far fiercer warrior – even more than John Stewart." Future State: Green Lantern #1 And John Stewart has a mission to find out just what happened. Future State: Green Lantern #1 Although he does manage to get a ring of sorts together. Future State: Green Lantern #1 We also stated that "Jessica Cruz is fighting Yellow Lanterns without[...]
DC Future State Gossip: Green Lantern Does A Star Trek: Discovery
G'nort has become a far fiercer warrior – even more than John Stewart. Jessica Cruz is fighting Yellow Lanterns without a ring, Ripley style Which Corps will she end up joining? Credit: DC Comics And Guy without a ring, could be the greatest peace bringer of all, across the decades? Less one punch, more one peace. While Jo Mullein[...]
The New Green Lantern Writer, Geoffrey Thorne, Hates Hal Jordan
At the weekend, it was announced that Geoffrey Thorne – or Geoff Thorne – the solicited writer for the John Stewart Green Lantern Corps story in the Future State: Green Lantern anthology – would be writing the new ongoing Green Lantern series featuring John Stewart in March Geoff Thorne is someone Bleeding Cool originally highlighted[...]
It's An Invasion! 8 Essential Young Justice Season 2 Episodes
First, does the episode serve the characters, either by introducing a character, providing us a deeper look at the character's motivations, or by changing the character in some manner? Second, does the episode serve to advance one of the primary story threads running through the season? If an episode answers both of those questions, then[...]
One 12 Collective Green Lantern John Stewart 3
Green Lantern John Stewart is coming to the Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective line The figure will feature eleven interchangeable hands, an awesome sculpted suit, a light-up power battery, and an energy ball construct You know, why don't more Green lantern figures come with actual constructs< that seems like a giant waste Anyway, I really like[...]
Justice League #7 cover by Jim Cheung, Walden Wong, and Mark Morales
Meanwhile, John Stewart stands alone between Sinestro and the Earth Sinestro's Ultraviolet Corps and Umbrax are on the brink of consuming the planet…or destroying it Superman hopes to hold Umbrax back, but he's not at full power The Flash attempts to tap into the Still Force, but Black Manta, Cheetah, and Gorilla Grodd aim to[...]