Heavenly Blues #3 Review: The Life of a Drug-Addicted Ninja

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We learn Hideki, the drug-addicted ninja's, life story, as the crew is finally brought together. It's not long before word gets out, and the group is ambushed by demons. They must fight their way out, but it results in them being split apart. Can they survive the hellish hordes that await them?

Heavenly Blues #3 cover by Bruno Hidalgo
Heavenly Blues #3 cover by Bruno Hidalgo

We get to see how Isaiah and Erin's crew as well as more on Hideki specifically, and Heavenly Blues also delivers its first real action sequence. That action sequence is very well handled. Each character gets an opportunity to display their motif, from shoot-outs, to stabbings, to reckless abandon. It's exciting, visually appealing, and well-paced.

There is a last-act betrayal that is set up for fairly well. However, it's undercut by how quickly the comic goes back upon it. It's rendered pointless, because it has no lasting effect on the grander plot beyond a single moment of uncertainty.

Erin is quickly rising to be the best character out of the cast, with the best and most sadistic sense of humor, being somewhat frightening in her own right, and just generally being the most motivated. That being said, the Western coin counter just might be a close second with the personality he is given in this installment of Heavenly Blues.

Bruno Hidalgo's art work continues to be the right level of cartoonish and simplistic to balance the snide and cruel world which Heavenly Blues offers its readers. It's off-beat enough to match the quirky characters, but it is also capable of supporting some truly horrifying imagery when needed. The color palette is fairly simple and downbeat, which similarly fits the dry humor and unforgiving world of the book.

Heavenly Blues #3 continues to provide compelling leads and an interesting plot. The story is highly engaging, and the artwork is fitting and generally eye-catching. This series gets another recommendation. Check it out.

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