Teaser For Evil On CBS

'Evil': CBS Psychological Mystery Offers Viewers a Sneak Preview [VIDEO]

One of the shows that slapped our interest upside its head is Evil, from The Good Fight's┬áMichelle King and Robert King and starring Katja Herbers (Westworld) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage). While it might be easy to read the premise and want to dismiss it as simply "The X-Files-meets-The Exorcist," there's something about the teaser […]

Blackwood #4 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #4 Review: A Somber and Understated Ending

Blackwood is under siege by Grace and her insect horde. She's trying to summon a goddess through a portal over the campus. Try their best to hold off the bugs, and the three students make it into Ogden's office. The three look through Ogden's things and find an arsenal to use against Grace's bugs. It's […]

Blackwood #3 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #3 [Late] Review: Twisted, Charming, and Engaging

faculty identify the body and return to the school. However, a swarm of large insects attack their bus and run them off the road. Two more of the faculty are hurt, but the rest make it back to Blackwood. The remaining three students find Ogden's coat, and a professor loses his fingers trying to get […]

Shadowman #6 cover by Tonci Zonjic

Shadowman #6 Review: Prehistory of the Shadowman

Alyssa enlists the help of Doctor Mirage in discovering what happened to Jack Boniface, while the Shadowman himself travels further back in time to Africa in 40,000 BC. He enters the body of an ancient hunter, and Jack watches this hunter and his band return home to their village and find it destroyed by a […]

Shadowman #5 cover by Tonci Zonjic

Shadowman #5 [Late] Review: Fighting for Freedom and Love

Shadowman continues his journey through the Boniface family history, this time landing in the body of the first Shadowman, Marius Boniface. Marius lived in the late 19th Century. We join him when a hunting party arrives on his property looking for a worker who ran from their mining operation. Marius denies knowing where the worker […]

Justice League Dark #2 cover by Alvaro Martinez Bueno, Raul Fernandez, and Brad Anderson

Justice League Dark #2 Review: The Fate of Magic in the DC Universe

Zatanna and Swamp Thing return to the Hall of Justice to help Wonder Woman, Detective Chimp, and Man-Bat fight off the magic users resurrected by the Otherkin. They barely survive, and Zatanna points the new Justice League Dark in the direction of the Tower of Fate for answers. The team will seek aid from Doctor […]

Venom #4 cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin

Venom #4 Review: The Origins of Knull and the Symbiotes

Knull explains his history and the history of his creations tracking back to the beginning of time. Knull was born in the darkness of space, and he waged war against the early Celestials. He killed many, and he created they symbiotes, initially, as weapons. When he was finally defeated on his first excursion to Earth, […]

Hellblazer #24 cover by Tim Seeley and Chris Sotomayor

Hellblazer #24 Review: A Mixed Bag Representative of Constantine Himself

John Constantine is at the mercy of a mob boss' spirit in the body of an ex-girlfriend. Burke Day is in the body of Margaret Ames, and the Huntress incapacitated across the room. This looks like it maybe it for the old Hellblazer as Burke sucks the soul from John's body. Constantine has one more […]

Blackwood #2 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #2 Review: Harry Potter Meets Scooby-Doo and Lovecraft

The new students of Blackwood have just witnessed the dean turn into a monster and drag one of their own into a well in a mausoleum. The school's faculty soon arrive to investigate, and they save the stolen student. The students must now face the true nature of the school they have enrolled into while […]

Shadowman #4 cover by Tonci Zonjic

Shadowman #4 Review: The History of Shadowman

Jack Boniface is falling through time. He sees his own life, but he travels back even further to the lives of his ancestors. He lands in the body of Maxim Boniface, his great-grandfather. He also bore the Shadow Loa, and he used it to help the U.S stamp out Nazism wherever it arose within the […]

Punk's Not Dead #5 cover by Martin Simmonds

Punk's Not Dead #5 Review: Dorothy's Grand 1960's Adventure

We learn Dorothy's career from years ago. She used to be a freelance hunter of the paranormal who took frequent dips in the Fountain of Youth, but a particularly intense case aged her to look as she does now. This is when she joined up with the British government. In the present, Fergie and Sid […]

Gravediggers Union #7 cover by Wes Craig

First Impressions: Gravediggers Union Says Space-Monkey a Lot [#7 Review]

The Gravediggers Union escaped with the Space-Monkey, but Haley is barely alive. Cole must know grapple with the fact that his daughter, Morgan, is working with the apocalypse cult. He knew she had powers, but he didn't think she would join up with this sort. Now, the Gravediggers Union must decide what is to be […]

Abbott #5 cover by Taj Tenfold

Abbott #5 Review: A Disappointing Ending to an Unfulfilled Series

Abbott is at the mercy of Bellcamp now. She is tied up and witnessing all the monstrosities he has and is willing to commit. He has plans for Elena Abbott. Her friends search for her and want to help, but this is a fight that Abbott must handle alone. Abbott #5 concludes the miniseries, and, […]

Blackwood #1 cover by Veronica Fish

Blackwood #1 Advance Review: Familiar Premise with Great Characters and Art

Blackwood is a college hidden away in a small hamlet. It teaches its students pagan, wiccan, and other esoteric ideologies, religions, philosophies, etc. A new group of students have just arrived at the college, none of whom know one another. They don't get along, but they may need one another to survive the madness of […]

Shadowman #3 cover by Tonci Zonjic

Shadowman #3 Review: Baron Samedi Seems Fun to Party With

Shadowman is trapped in the Deadside once more. Alyssa works to devise a means to bring Jack Boniface back to our world, and she is visited by two Abettors while doing so. Back in the Deadside, Jack comes up with a plan: Alyssa and the Abettors can distract Baron Samedi while Jack retrieves the Shadow […]

Strange Angel: CBS All Access Releases First Look at David Lowery-Directed Series

The scientific and supernatural worlds are set to collide in out first look at Strange Angel, CBS All Access' new drama series from Mark Heyman (Black Swan). Directed and executive produced David Lowery (A Ghost Story), Strange Angel stars Jack Reynor as a brilliant janitor directly involved in the foundation of rocket science who finds […]

Doctor Strange #389 cover by Mike del Mundo

Doctor Strange #389 Review: The Terrible Trio

Doctor Strange explains to us that the portal he opened in Las Vegas attracted not only Mephisto, but also Dormammu, Nightmare, and Shuma-Gorath. They warred over who would enter our dimension, and Mephisto won, which left the other three in some sort of Necro-Realm. Dormammu has a proposal for Doctor Strange and the Avengers. Stephen […]