Hogwarts Gets Another Outrageous New Professor, Courtesy Of Frank Cho

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool spun the Wheel of Stories and told you about controversial artist Frank Cho's latest drawing, a Scarlet Witch commission for the Singapore Toy Game and Comic Convention. We got to see the art in progress, and then see it again, after Cho tore the first attempt into pieces and started over. You clicked. We accepted your clicks. Yup. Good times.

But that was two days ago, back when we just one day into this hellishly slow news weekend. A lot has changed since then. Or rather, not changed. We've had to dig deep, down within our souls and the souls of various celebrities social media accounts to come up with the comic book "news" you demand.

But like the clickbait messiah that he is, Frank Cho has returned to save us all. Cho has blessed us on this slow holiday weekend with the finished Scarlet Witch piece, just in time to boost our clicks before everyone goes back to work and the 24-hour news cycle kicks back into high gear.

"Scarlet Witch art commission for Singapore Comic Con," Cho said unto his Facebook followers. "Here's the Scarlet Witch piece from earlier in the week, with a nod to the Harry Potter. Gonna finish up couple of more commissions before I fly out tomorrow."

Check it out below, and be grateful. There are readers at other comic book websites who are starving for clickbait news right now.

Hogwarts Gets Another Outrageous New Professor, Courtesy Of Frank Cho

If this concept looks familiar, that's because it's a follow-up to a previous piece, also covered on Bleeding Cool, in which Zatanna took the "Defence" Against The Dark Arts job:

zatanna hogwarts

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