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Scarlet Witch Celebrates Halloween with Iron Studios WandaVision Statue
Scarlet Witch's iconic Marvel Comics costumes come to life once again as Iron Studios reveals their newest Iron Studios statue In the Halloween episode, the MCU paid homage to Wanda and Vision's classic superhero costumes as seen in the Avengers comics This was a delight to see on screen, and Iron Studios brings the magic[...]
Scarlet Witch Explore to Darkhold with Iron Studios WandaVision Statue
The end of WandaVision showcased the Scarlet Witch as she dives deeper into the realm of dark magic with the mysterious Darkhold This devilish book might hold the secrets Wanda needs to bring her children from her conjured reality Iron Studios bring the Darkhold and the dark magic to life with a brand new 1/10[...]
Scarlet Witch and Nova Get New Marvel Statue from Diamond Select
Starting things off first is Scarlet Witch, who comes to life based on her Skottie Young artwork This sorceress is back and is having a kiddie tantrum with this mini 5" tall statue Limited to 3,000 pieces, Wanda Maximoff prepares to cast a powerful spell on your Marvel collection Scarlet Witch is priced at $49.99,[...]
Killing Scarlet Witch Off In Trial Of Magneto? Really? (#2 Spoilers)
In Trial Of Magneto #1, as Bleeding Cool previously theorised, they can bring Scarlet Witch back from the dead using the Krakoan Resurrection Protocols Because, for one reason or another, Cerebro was fooled into thinking she was a mutant and backed up her soul Even if that was a long time ago, X-Men: Trial Of Magneto[...]
Marvel Comics Full Solicits & Solicitations For November 2021
Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch, was murdered on Krakoa at the end of The Hellfire Gala, after being invited by her no-longer-father Magneto Bleeding Cool's No.1 suspect, rather than Magneto, is Orchis But Magneto, Mystique, and Speed himself are also all in the frame But The Trial Of Magneto #1 mentioned in passing, as Bleeding[...]
Leah Williams On X-Factor Being Rewritten And Moving To Substack
Williams says she only learned about the cancellation of X-Factor when she was writing #9, so as she had to finish the series quickly, squeezing six issues worth of story into those last two issues, calling it "cramped and rushed". Leah Williams On X-Factor #10 Being Cancelled, Then Rewritten Regarding Trial Of Magneto causing the X-Factor cancellation,[...]
Scarlet Witch Wields the Darkhold With New Hot Toys Cosbaby
Scarlet Witch returns as she explores the deadly dark power of the Darkhold Standing roughly 4" tall, Wanda finally figures out her true power and seeks more to locate what she lost The WandaVision Hot Toys Cosbaby features the Scarlet Witch with her newest MCU costume with the Darkhold in her hand She will have[...]
WandaVision, Falcon & Winter Solder, Loki Stars on Transitioning to TV
For the duration of the series, we're treated to Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and she decided escapism turning a town of Westview into her own personal sitcom theme park nightmare where the residents are mind-controlled from the Avenger's own grief after losing her betrothed Vision (Paul Bettany). Image courtesy of Marvel Studios/Disney+ As the series starts unraveling,[...]
Magneto Killed The Scarlet Witch - Or Was It Mystique?
Marvel Comics is teasing the upcoming Trial Of Magneto, which confirms what Bleeding Cool suspected months ago, that he would be on trial for the murder of his once-thought-daughter Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch She came to Krakoa in SWORD #6 They were seen dancing in Way Of X #3 Her body was found in[...]
At the end of SWORD #6, we saw a reunion of Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff with her once-supposed father Magneto, on the island of Krakoa By the end of X-Factor #10, the Scarlet Witch was dead, murdered, with Magneto and his bloody helmet the prime suspect Quite the cliffhanger, even if life continues on at[...]
Marvel Reveals New Mark Brooks Spoiler Cover For Trial Of Magneto #1
This means it's time for Marvel to reveal the Mark Brooks cover to Trial Of Magneto that confirms that the final pages of X-Factor #10 that end the Hellfire Gala are the real deal. Wanda Maximoff, The Scarlet Witch is dead The resurrection protocols only work for mutants, of which she is no longer defined as[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adds X-Factor As It Comes To An End
As the Guardians Of The Galaxy from today also arrive in time… The day before the Hellfire Gala in Planet-Size X-Men… Magneto goes ahead with his plan – but not before welcoming the Guardians to SWORD. The morning of the Hellfire Gala in Planet-Size X-Men, it all begins to take shape. The big powers recruited, though Franklin Richard who[...]
Marvel Confirms: Darkhold Is Ha
Big spoilers ahead, but before that drops, here's a look at how Marvel Comics has been treating Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet Witch, of late First an X-Men villain, then an Avenger, then a robot's wife and mother to illusionary kids, then an insane destroyer of reality (two or three times), then an eraser of almost[...]