How The Marvel Relaunches Demonstrate Publishing Priorities

Remember Marvel Point One, the first time Marvel did a round of themed revamps, from 2011?Point_One_Vol_1_1PointOneVariant02

The focus was Nova, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Ultron, Phoenix, Hawkeye and The Watcher. Though it would end up with the latter being killed off.The other image was basically Fantastic Four and X-Men. How things have changed.

What can we learn from them, knowing what we know now?   STK474733Marvel NOW! from 2012 gave us a bunch of relaunched titles, recreated characters and reintroductions. So we had the X-Men Schismed, a young Jean Grey ahead of All-New X-Men, a black Nick Fury, a teched up Hulk and a returning Rocket Raccoon. four X-Men and one Fantastic Four. No inhumans. One Guardians Of The Galaxy member. And Nova again.

Marvel_NOW!_Point_One_Vol_1_1And Marvel Now Point One focused on Nick Fury Jr, Young Avengers, Starlord, Cable, Ant Man and Nova. And here are the books we got.

marvel-now-listEight monthly team Avengers titles, two FF, six X-books including Wolverine and the launch of Guardians and Nova.

All-New_Marvel_NOW!The next year, in 2013, All-New Marvel NOW's imagery promoted another mixed bag, two X-Men, two Inhumans, on Guardian, and Silver Surfer from the Fantastic Four.

all-new-marvel-now-point-one All-New Marvel Now! Point One gave us a new look Loki, the X-Men who had joined Avengers World, Tech Hulk, Silver Surfer, Namor and Black Widow and… Ms Marvel. Through All-New X-Factor, relaunching with this promotion, didn't get much of a look-in here. And the books?

all-new-marvel-now-chart-copy1The launch of Inhuman, when it was called Inhumans and when it was meant to be written by Fraction. And a more esoteric approach to a number of titles, from Ms Marvel to Black Widow and Nova hoining the New Warriors.

The next push was more… Avengers focused.

all new marvel now

Avengers Now from October 2014 had no FF and one (at the time) mutant, though a member of the Avengers. Two inhumans. One member of Guardians Of The Galaxy.

And now we have All-New All-Different Marvel…allnewHow The Marvel Relaunches Demonstrate Publishing PrioritiesOnce X-Man in X-23 as Wolverine, and a parallel elderly Wolverine and one member of the FF – though now a member of the Guardians Of The Galaxy. Two inhumans. Three member of Guardians Of The Galaxy. And Iron Man in real cenytral focus for both.

And more to come… and what of Marvel Now favourite Nova???

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