IDW and Sunday Press Books – Not a Buyout, Acquisition or Merger…

Bleeding Cool had the scoop, of sorts. That IDW had 'acquired' Sunday Press Books ahead of San Diego Comic-Con. We ran as much on July 17th. Publisher's Weekly, who followed two days later, were not so coy, they said in the headline that IDW had bought Sunday Press Books, though used 'acquired' in the article. The same day Comics Beat said 'acquired' in the headline, but 'purchased' in the article. On the 20th. Hollywood Reporter went with 'acquired'.

To differing degrees, we were all wrong. Though at least Bleeding Cool was wrong first. In e-mail, Peter Maresca, founder of Sunday Press told Bleeding Cool yesterday that

The IDW/Sunday Press agreement is not an acquisition or a merger, but a publishing agreement where IDW will be marketing and distributing all Sunday Press offerings as part of their IDW catalog. Sunday Press remains an independent entity. In the future, this partnership will include some IDW productions, joint projects and some produced solely by Sunday Press.

So basically IDW… agrees with Sunday Press Books? How very amicable.

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