New Image Comics Crossover Spied in Ludocrats #1 and Adventureman #1?

Bleeding Cool ran the well-sourced rumour a few weeks back that Image Comics is planning the return of the shared superhero universe that kicked off the publisher back in 1992, with Spawn, Savage Dragon, Youngblood, WildCATS, Cyberforce, Shadowhawk, Wetworks and more. Now WildCATS is back to being part of the DC Universe, and Youngblood has been sold off… but could some other Image Comics titles be playing along?

Two recent Image Comics cameos have us scratching our heads. In a screenshot leaked to Bleeding Cool from the Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol, and Jeff Stokely's Ludocrats #1 it reveals a cameo appearance of Casanova Quinn popping up.

Does the New Image Comics Crossover Begin With Ludocrats #1 in April?

Now, we'd chalk that up to just Kieron Gillen giving a subtle shout to Matt Fraction from across the pond… But then we got a sneak peek at Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson's upcoming Adventureman #1 and spotted a possible cameo of… Lady Hellaine from Mirka Andolfo's just released Mercy #1??

Does the New Image Comics Crossover Begin With Ludocrats #1 in April?

Could something be going on here?

Both of these surfaced in Image's 2020 #1s, so now we're combing through all Image's latest launches. Other places to look would be Protector#1, After Realm #1, On The Stump #1, Tartarus #1, Decorum #1, Nailbiter Returns #1, The Goddamned: The Virgin Brides #1, That Texas Blood #1…

Has anyone else spotted one of these? Send us a tip at

(W) Kieron Gillen, Jim Rossignol (A) Tamra Bonvillain (A/CA) Jeff Stokely
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