Is It Time For A Brief Recess From Beheading In Comic Books? (UPDATE)

A couple of weeks ago, two comic books opened with a character having their head decapitated. At the same time as a video was released by the terrorist group ISIS featuring the beheading of James Foley. It was rather unfortunate timing.

This week, all the DC New 52 books feature a promotion for the Lobo comic book. With a prominent decapitation, with a humorous "censored" caption around the severed neck.

Image (48)

With Original Sin also featuring a decapitation of Nick Fury at the hands of the Winter Soldier, might it be right, just for a little while, that comic books hold off on the man-holding-up-decapitated-head meme?

UPDATE: The BBC are on the ball it seems, over this weekend's Doctor Who.

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