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Is That Professor X in Uncanny X-Men #1? Or is it Cassandra Nova?

With new villains, new threats and far fewer mutants, here's a look at X-Men #1 from Jed MacKay and Ryan Stegman... just the inks. So far.

Article Summary

  • The Krakoan era ends, with mutants and Krakoa leaving Earth in "X-Men #1".
  • Preview inked pages hint at the familiar X-Mansion and storied Cerebro chamber.
  • Mystery surrounds a bald figure's identity: Professor X or Cassandra Nova?
  • "From The Ashes" era begins, following Cyclops and X-Men from Alaska base.

The Krakoan Age is over. Orchis and the Enigma Dominion has been vanquished. But Krakoa is no longer on Earth. Neither are most of the mutants, only the fighting ones remain. And From The Ashes is coming. With new villains, new threats and far fewer mutants. Here's a look at Uncanny X-Men #1 from Gail Simone and David Marquez… just the inks. So far, at least,

First Look At New Line Artwork From Inside X-Men #1

So we see Doctor Corina Ellis, the psychic Phillip and her driver heading towards in the former X-Mansion, characters previously seen in the Free Comic Book Day issue before using a handprint register to enter.

First Look At New Line Artwork From Inside X-Men #1

The doodahs and trinkets of the X-Men remain on the walls and in the cabinets; Philip is looking even more skull-like.



First Look At New Line Artwork From Inside X-Men #1

They enter the Cerebro chamber, which is still, somehow, standing.

First Look At New Line Artwork From Inside X-Men #1


And is that the very bald Professor Xavier in that chair, being escorted towards the Chamber? Is this the reveal of who Inmate X is? He did hand himself over to be arrested at the end of Rise Of The Powers Of X #5 after all.


Or might it be Cassandra Nova? After all, she does have a movie to appear in…

"Most of my time lately has been spent trying to keep my brain from exploding right out of my skull from this book. It's either the fun of all my favorite mutants acting in surprising and wonderful ways, the impossibly brilliant work of the art team, or the thrilling collaboration with all the other writers, but somehow every DAY is just filled with some kind of manic joy. Ever since I took the book, I've been scribbling notes and plots and bits of dialogue day and night. I feel like a kid at a carnival. Who DOESN'T want to write Rogue and Jubilee and Gambit all the rest?" – Gail Simone

"Uncanny X-Men is the book that made me fall in love with comics. It's been a dream come true getting to work with Gail, Matt, and the whole Marvel editorial crew under Tom to put together this story: a badass, heartfelt, action-packed, character driven X-Men mystery. I hope readers have at least half as much fun reading it as we have had making it." – David Marquez

(W) Gail Simone (A/CA) David Marquez
A core group of essential X-Men rise FROM THE ASHES to face a world without a home – and without Professor X! All bonds among the mutant community seem to be slipping away, and ROGUE reluctantly finds herself as the hero designated to bring them back together…but a fearless, malignant power is out there hunting mutants, and it has a terrible secret that may destroy what remains of the X-Men!
Rated T+In Shops: Aug 07, 2024
SRP: $5.99

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