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New Marvel Statues Coming Soon from Diamond Select Toys
The fun doesn't end there as Professor X is back as Diamond Select Toys reveals another Animated Marvel statue Limited to 3,000 pieces, Charles Xavier stands 6" tall, is shown in his yellow hover chair, and is loaded with cartoon accurate detail Both statues are must-own pieced for Marvel fans, and Green Goblin is here[...]
X-Men Legends Unites Fabian Nicieza, Dan Jurgens, Mr. Sinister & More
Sinister as he gathers together Professor X, Beast, Magneto, Moria MacTaggert, and Amanda Mueller to discuss mutant evolution.  Looking at the costumes being worn, the tale takes place during the early X-Men era and will show the first interactions of Professor X, Magneto, Moria MacTaggert, and Beast with Mr Sinister.  None of these four characters[...]
When Professor X Woke Up In Bondage Gear- Original Artwork at Auction
Professor X? What's with the get-up? Much has been made of Chris Claremont's personal obsessions and interests turning up in X-Men comic books, from certain bands and fashions, to TV shows and films So, when Professor X was kidnapped by Callisto of the Morlocks, who had a certain aesthetic, and woke up in a similar[...]
Is Professor X A War Criminal? (Hellions, Juggernaut, X-Factor)
After all, it ends with Professor X and Krakoa taking in a new citizen. Credit: Marvel Even though, apparently, she won;t be allowed to post about her experience on social media from the island Restrictive free speech, much? Credit: Marvel Oh yes and Cain Marko is not allowed to come as he's not a mutant[...]
X-Men Professor X Gets His Own Statue With XM Studios
Class is in session as XM Studios announces a new Marvel statue featuring the leader of the X-Men, Professor X Professor X's role has recently changed if you are reading the new X-Men comics but it wasn't always like that Like most comic book characters, the Professor has gone Over many cosmetic changes throughout X-Men[...]
X-Men Professor X and Magneto Get Hot Toys Cosbaby Figures
Coming out of X-Men Apocalypse, Professor X and Magneto are ready to take on a god These Cosbaby figures are packed with detail that any X-Men fan could love Professor X is posed in a telekinetic stance and will include a backdrop for display Magneto on the other hand has a couple of tricks up[...]
"Legion" Season 3, Episode 3: Meet the Xaviers in Timey-Wimey "Chapter 22"
If only the future Professor X had learned to be happy with his lot in life, if only he hadn't allowed his hubris fuel his loneliness, the Xavier family might have known some happiness. Hubris Love Folly These are the recurring themes of Legion, and "Chapter 22" has all three spinning like plates throughout. Charles finds someone[...]
Auto Draft
Since the Marvel Legends rides series was introduced last year, the only one anyone would ask about or demand was a Professor X in his hover chair probably the most definitive version of the character, he rode around in that big yellow ting in the 90's and into our hearts forever hasbro is one to[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Teases the Return of Professor X
Power-mad Marvel Editor Jordan White hosted the former Twitter hashtag known as #XMenMonday for the second week at Adventures in Poor Taste, and he used the opportunity to tease the return of an important X-Men character: Professor X! The professor has technically been floating around the Marvel Universe as X, a psychically resurrected version of himself[...]
'Legion' Adds Professor X to Their Season 3 Cast
While we're still dealing with the news that FX will NOT be ordered a fourth season of Noah Hawley's fantastic X-Men tv series Legion, we've now got to come to terms with Professor Xavier coming to the show too. It was just announced hat Game of Thrones alum Harry Lloyd will be playing Professor X (David's father) for the[...]
Marvel Legends Rides Collage
Professor X will comes with his hover chair and a swappable head This has been a long requested figure in this line, and when it was shown off at last years SDCC panel it got the loudest cheers in the room The other is a Deadpool Corps set with Deadpool, a moped, Dogpool, Squirrel Pool,[...]