"It Gives Me The Kind Of Tingles That I Can't Even Describe In Mixed Company" – Joe Casey Talks Working on Captain Victory

Victory04-Cov-FoxThe cosmic saga of Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers continues with the fourth issue. The Rangers risk destruction to find their lost captain and a legacy of violence catches up to our heroes – both of them! Byron Brewer caught up with Joe Casey to talk about the latest issue and the writer turns out to be as mysterious as the fate of the heroic Captain.

BYRON BREWER: Joe, how does it feel to be guiding the adventures of one of King Kirby's greatest cosmic characters?

JOE CASEY: Obviously, it gives me the kind of tingles that I can't even describe in mixed company.

BB: We are four issues into this mini. Do you think it has reflected the legacy of its creator?

CV04-15JC: We're doing the best we can. But I think the best is yet to come.

BB: Since Captain Victory is a new property to me, are you doing all-new stories of the adventures of the Rangers or adapting previous works of Kirby?

JC: It's all new stories, but there are buckets of nods to the concepts and the mythology that Kirby set up in the original series.

BB: What is it like working with Nathan Fox and the rest of these wonderful comic book artists?

CV04-16JC: More tingles, obviously. For fans of cutting edge comic art, this book is a dream come true. And, like I said, it's going to get better from here.

BB: Although it is a tad early, any of the Rangers crew you especially like writing? Anyone you would like to see "spun off" should readership warrant it?

JC: Love 'em all. Their interactions are a blast to write. They have a chemistry that only works when they stick together.

BB: #1 started off with a real bang! Is this sense of wonder and grandeur – so Kirbyesque – hard to achieve issue after issue for a writer?

CV04-17JC: Depends on the writer, I guess.

BB: The manner in which Captain Victory himself was introduced has made it harder to get to know him as a character. Do you think this might hurt the book?

JC: I guess we'll find out, won't we? Hasn't seemed to be a problem so far. Getting readers intrigued in who and what the main character is all about is a good thing.

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