James Tynion IV Talks up Batman to Comic Store Retailers for FOC

Batman writer James Tynion IV joined the ultra-top secret Facebook DC Nation Retailer Forum on Thursday for a discussion of the upcoming Batman #92, which you may have seen teased on Bleeding Cool, and the build-up to The Joker War, detailing how the next few issues lead to the highly anticipated event. He mentioned a few things he has also mentioned in his newsletter, and picked up on Bleeding Cool earlier.

"Joker's been up to something in the background," Tynion said. "We know that The Joker has been involved with what the Designer was a part of years ago. Now we are going to see the story start to turn as 'Their Dark Designs' comes to an end and 'The Joker War' wraps up. We're going to see exactly what The Joker is after from Batman."

In the half-hour live broadcast exclusively for comics retailers, Tynion talked the breakout success of new character Punchline, who has her most substantial appearance yet in Batman #92, in a fight versus Harley Quinn and Catwoman – along with teasing fellow new character, Clownhunter. "I think there's a real hunger for new characters right now," Tynion shared. "This is the only place that you can get a Punchline story right now – in comics. That's the exciting thing. Punchline is a brand-new character who changes the dynamic between Joker and a bunch of characters. Similarly, it's also the first appearance of another new character I've been hinting at, Clownhunter." "The Joker War" starts in earnest with July's Batman #95, with each upcoming issue of the series playing a pivotal role in the prelude of the story. Talking of Batman, Tynion said "in issue #93, you see him go head to head with the Designer, and we reveal the big secret behind the Designer," Tynion said. You may have seen that mentioned in previous Bleeding Cool articles.

"In #94, we set things in motion for 'The Joker War.' This is going to be a really fierce attack on Gotham City." Batman #92 is on sale June 9th, with a Final Order Cutoff date of Monday, May 18th.

James Tynion IV Talks up Batman to Comic Store Retailers for FOC.
James Tynion IV Talks up Batman to Comic Store Retailers for FOC. Art from DC.

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