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Mopping Up The Joker War Clowns With Nightwing, Batman and Clownhunter
Spoilers for Bat-titles ahead! In Batman #100, Batman visited Clownhunter, a kid called Bao Pham who took a role of taking down Joker henchmen in the Joker War, in a very permanent way, and looks to be continuing that mission, after the War had finished As he said, in his Ultimate Universe-lower case. Batman #100 artwork/ Batman[...]
Harvey Bullock, Police Commissioner Again? Detective Comics #1028
Art from Detective Comics #1028. If there any chance this could be set out of current continuity, maybe ignore the events of The Joker War that saw Harvey Bullock make that resignation. Art from Detective Comics #1028. Okay , maybe not (but also, a second appearance of Officer Nakano and his wife, speculator fans, who, it appears, will[...]
Harley Quinn Takes On The Joker In Batman #100 (Spoilers)
You've got red on you, Joker. Art from Batman #100. Two halves of the same coin… Batman #100 is published today by DC Comics and it all kicks off. BATMAN #100 JOKER WAR DC COMICS AUG202576 (W) James Tynion IV (A) Danny Miki, Carlo Pagulayan, Jorge Jimenez, Guillem March (CA) Tony S Daniel "The Joker War" comes to a city-shattering conclusion as[...]
How The Joker Makes a New Gotham and a New Batman (#100 Spoilers)
Today Batman #100 sees the Batman go up against the Joker, railing blows against each other, in the Joker War finale of Batman #100 And while Batman may have the edge, even with the Joker wearing his super-shiny suit, does the Joker hit with some truths instead? Batman #100 artwork. Does Gotham hate Batman? I mean, wouldn't[...]
Defund Batman - How Bruce Wayne Changes In 2021 Thanks To Lucius Fox
Should it be any different for a Batman? In the recent Joker War storyline, the Joker used Catwoman to steal Bruce Wayne's one hundred billion-dollar fortune, something that was brought to the attention of the mass media Recently, Catwoman managed to steal it back and gift it to Lucius Fox, Batman's tech guru and advisor[...]
Bane Vs Joker For 2021? (Joker War Spoilers)
It's his thing. Batman artwork with Bane and Thomas Wayne. This year has seen James Tynion IV's Joker War play out, as the Joker and his men take over Gotham, not to rule it but to ruin it But what of Bane and Joker Today's Joker War Zone reveals that 2021 may see the Joker deal with Bane[...]
Will Poison Ivy Destroy Gotham In 2021? (Joker War Spoilers)
In Joker War Zone #1, out today, she may get her way With a new name, a new look, a new mission and a new "To Be Continued In 2021!" tag. Previously in The Joker War, the Joker's clowns have burnt up Poison Ivy's outskirts-of-Gotham hidden home, Eden While she kills them all, she tried to[...]
Meet New Batman Villain, Henchmaster
And in today's Joker War Zone, Josh Williamson has a go, with art from David Lafuente and Hi-Fi Welcome, Gothamites to the new villain Henchmaster. Henchmaster in Joker War Zone As we said, Henchmaster is a bit of a kabuki sumo wrestler type, a big fellow with clown makeup, tattoos, face mask, big gloves and a wrestler's[...]
The Return Of Lucius Fox's Other Son, Tim Fox, in 2020
Luke Fox seemed to replace him in the Batman comics after the New 52 reboot. Art from Batman #313. But I understand that, as a result of this week's Batman: The Joker War Zone that we may be seeing a return of Tim Fox, courtesy of writer John Ridley, who is writing the upcoming Batman comic book[...]
New Look For Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown Revealed (Spoilers)
In a certain Joker War Zone published next week Hence why there are one or two leaks right now, courtesy of DC shipping books early. We have already seen what appear to be Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown in their new identities in the background in preview artwork for Batman #100. Batman #100 artwork. But in The Joker[...]
No, Luke Fox is Not The New Batman in Joker War Zone #1
Joker War Zone spoilers ahead You ahve been warned A couple of weeks ago, Bleeding Cool talked about DC Comics' Poison Ivy problem for a while How there was a division at the company between those at DC Comics editorial who want to see her to return to the villain-with-a-point antagonist role And those at[...]
DC to Have Lucius Fox Almost Be Shot By Gotham Police
There is plenty to look forward to in the upcoming Joker War Zone from DC Comics Bleeding Cool may even have a few spoilery aspects of them to tease yourself with, for the likes of Poison Ivy, Bane, Lucius Fox, Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain But Bleeding Cool has been informed of one aspect one[...]
Batgirl #49 Suggests Joker Lives, But Someone Else Doesn't (Spoilers)
Also a Barbara Gordon clearly believing that, post-Joker War, the Joker is still alive But while Batgirl may not get a dead Joker to bring ultimate closure to the world… there may be another And a big change to the Batman world in the offing. BATGIRL #49 JOKER WAR DC COMICS JUL200418 (W) Cecil Castellucci (A) Robbi Rodriguez (CA)[...]
Catwoman Creates Batman's New Reality In 2021
And Batman's superpower will now have to be something other than rich… CATWOMAN #25 DC COMICS JUL200420 A tie-in to "The Joker War"! Catwoman returns to Gotham City to get even with the people who stole her plans and used them against Batman…and if you're the Riddler or the Penguin, you better watch your back, because Catwoman is coming[...]
Does Batman #99 Set Up Harley Quinn Killing The Joker? (Spoilers)
The Joker War sets itself up as the ultimate Batman Vs Joker battle, the one where the Joker knows who Batman is, and who all his family are, and targets them individually to get at Bruce Wayne But what if it isn't the Batman's battle to fight? Because while the Joker is in love with[...]