James Tynion IV Launches New Comic With Álvaro Martinez Bueno

It's Álvaro Martinez Bueno time! In his new multi-part newsletter, James Tynion IV wrote, "Most of my next year is already announced, with the news about the ongoing JOKER title at DC. I have one unannounced book on the docket for sometime mid-2021, with Alvaro Martinez Bueno… The book I called PROJECT LAKEHOUSE back when I was using my clever monikers at the start of this newsletter. The cover to the first issue of that one has been the lock-screen of my phone for the last few months. It's a weird book that I'm excited to talk a bit more about in a few months, and I'm spending a lot of time thinking about it this week… We have some exciting stuff brewing in and around Something is Killing the Children which will be exciting as well. I might sneak in one more original by the end of next year, but probably only one or two issues before 2022? We'll see."

James Tynion IV Launches New Comic With Álvaro Martinez Bueno
Credit: Álvaro Martinez Bueno

Álvaro Martínez Bueno is a Spanish comics artist, known for his work with Marvel, DC and Valiant, including Grayson, Batman Eternal, Batman & Robin Eternal and with James Tynion IV on the DC Rebirth relaunch of Detective Comics. and on Justice League Dark. But, of course, things have changed at DC Comics of late… Here is what James Tynion IV has written about the project so far.

PROJECT LAKEHOUSE is next on the docket to spin into gear, and I have a document about its main characters growing steadily on my desktop.

I had a big brainstorming moment about LAKEHOUSE over the weekend that I think will shape how I write that book later this spring when I start scripting

I also sent in character concepts and design thoughts for PROJECT LAKEHOUSE. These two are my next big projects I'll be getting off the ground this year… I am very excited about both of them.

PROJECT LAKEHOUSE – Getting ready to enter active production. Character development is starting for real. Artist is about to be free. This'll be my next big thing in the direct market after Project Dallas.

That was Department Of Truth, of course.

PROJECT LAKEHOUSE – I have driven the artist of this project mad by asking him to design an impossible house that will feature in the book, and now I think he's going to hunt me down and kill me. This will heighten the horror of the book, I'm sure. Gearing up to write the first issue now, and am very very excited about this title.

I'm also gearing up to write the first issue of PROJECT LAKEHOUSE in the next few weeks. That one you probably won't find out about until the end of the year, but the artist just turned in a stunning design of the "villain" of the story, and I am positively giddy about it.

I've turned in the first script for PROJECT LAKEHOUSE, which won't be out until 2021. If The Woods was about me processing my teenage years, this is the book about me processing my twenties. The design work Alvaro has been putting into the book has been absolutely stunning (I think I've hinted enough that I'm working on another book with Alvaro, so I figure I can just say it out loud). This book is giving me a chance to experiment with a whole different toolset than Department of Truth.

It looks like I missed that mention. So a horror comic by James Tynion IV and Álvaro Martinez Bueno with a big house? Coming soon from Image or Boom?

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