Jeff Lemire Was Going To Create a Horror Green Lantern Comic For 5G

5G was first mentioned by Bleeding Cool in the summer on 2019 as a major project that DC Comics was planning, it was only when DC Comics publisher Dan DiDio talked about publishing a timeline for DC Comics shared continuity or 'connective tissue' at San Diego, then unveiled the four generations of the DC timeline at New York Comic Con that Bleeding Cool twigged what 5G referred to – the fifth generation – and also that it was the collective name of the stories we were unveiling about DC Comics' plans for Superman, Batman and more, aging the characters up and replacing them with new people taking their identities. Then Dan DiDio was fired as publisher, and DC Comics cancelled everything they could, pulped what they had printed, and recycled some of the ideas into the Future State two-week event. But not everything.

So, DC Comics, What is 5G?
Jeff Lemire Was Going To Create a Horror Green Lantern Comic For 5G

In his Substack newsletter, Jeff Lemire talking about a couple of his upcoming DC Comics projects, one announced, one not. "Robin and Batman will not be my last DC or work-for-hire project released. The same time I wrote this series I also wrote another 3-issue oversized Black Label book for one of my all-time favourite artists, Doug Mahnke! That one will be announced this coming month and when it is I'll get more into it here." But don't get comfortable seeing Lemire at DC Comics.

"Those will likely be my final two DC or work-for-hire books for the foreseeable future. I loved my years working for DC and Marvel. I got to collaborate with amazing artists. I got to play with incredible characters that I grew up reading. But after a point, the excitement of that wears off. And the truth is things at DC and Marvel have changed dramatically and are no longer really a place where I feel like I can do what I do well."

And then we get to the reason we led with 5G up top. "I did almost do one more DC thing last year though… for a short time, I was attached to write Green Lantern for their 5G initiative. We were going to do it as a horror book and it would be the flagship title in the horror line for 5G. But the more I worked on it, the less excited I got and the more things seemed to be in a constant state of flux with the whole initiative. And then Dan Didio was out at DC and I jumped too, not wanting to deal with all of it anymore. It was a near miss and honestly sort of my last flirtation with doing anything significant for the Big Two."

A horror line as part of 5G, including Green Lantern? That's all he's telling us for now. But we might get to see more on upcoming Substacks. "At some point, I want to start going through all the near misses at DC and Marvel over the years. Meaning all the books I was attached to, or pitched, that for one reason or another, never happened. There were a few cool ones like Shazam, Robins, Cyborg. I'll dig up a bunch of those old pitches and post them for subscribers in a month or so." More to come…

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