Jessica Cruz, The Future Green Lantern Of Earth, Takes A Step Nearer Thanks To Geoff Johns

This is a scene from Green Lantern #20, reading the future of the Lanterns in the Book Of Oa. How much of it would come true?

Well, here's the first shoe to drop.


The cover to Justice League #31, featuring the new Power Ring. Geoff Johns told IGN,

a brand new character we first hinted at her in Green Lantern #20, Jessica Cruz. She'll become a pretty big player in the post-Forever Evil Justice League world. The Justice League aren't the only super-team after her, for various reasons. I think it's going to be a lot of fun when you see the character — and the continued interaction between Luthor and Batman — this brand new character is another wrench, along with Luthor and Cold, another wrench thrown into the mix of the Justice League team.

So, given what we read in Green Lantern #20, about being thought of as a villain,

The ring itself, it's not all about willpower, it's not channeling anything good. When you charge it, bad things happen. It charges in a very horrible way. All of that is going to befall a young woman we are going to introduce in the DC Universe who is going to be "chosen as the new lucky owner" of this ring.

So that means the marriage of Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris, and the survival of John Stewart into old age, are both well on the cards… almost as if these scenes were rather deliberate and against DC Comics policy of late…


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