Joe Quesada Recalls the Time Kevin Smith Made Him and Jimmy Palmiotti Talk About Licking Monkey Butts Over and Over

Sometimes, all you have for a story is a headline, and you've just got to run with it. Things must be pretty easy around the Marvel offices of late because high-ranking executive Joe Quesada has been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately. Today, while talking about Marvel Knights, Quesada recalled a story from the set of Chasing Amy, in which Quesada and friend Jimmy Palmiotti were set to have their first movie speaking roles.

But rather than sticking to the script, Quesada and Palmiotti had a plan to make themselves stars by reciting a rehearsed bit about licking monkey butts. It turns out that director Kevin Smith was too smart for the comic book creators though, pretending to want to get a good take of the conversation and making them repeat it over and over again only to ultimately reveal he had no intentions of using it.

It's not quite as good a trick as having a creative team produce four issues of a six-issue comic only to cancel it two months before release… but it's up there.

Take a walk down memory lane with Joe Q below.

Just think… if Quesada had become a movie star back in 1997, the money and power of Hollywood might have been too tempting, drawing him away from the comic book industry and giving us an entirely different post-2000 Marvel Comics. Quesada's co-star, Ben Affleck, even went on to later become Batman, a role that might have gone to Quesada if his acting career had taken off. Perhaps this could be explored in a future alternate-timeline story in Marvel Comics?

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Joe Quesada Recalls the Time Kevin Smith Made Him and Jimmy Palmiotti Talk About Licking Monkey Butts Over and Over

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