No, a John Byrne Vision Did Not Get Chelsea Cain's Comic Canned

Bleeding Cool was the first to tell you that the planned, scheduled and two-thirds completed Vision mini-series for 2018 and 2019 had been cancelled. Intended as a sequel to Tom King, Gabriel Walta, Michael Walsh and Jordie Bellaire's highly lauded and award-winning Vision series that gave the superhero android a family, the new series was to have been created by Chelsea Cain, Marc Mohan, Aud Koch and Jordie Bellaire. You can read preview images from it here.

But, citing that Marvel had other plans for the characters, the series was dropped before the first issue was published and after the fourth issue had been completed. There was a very negative reaction, the characters' appearance in The Champions was blamed, but questions were asked why Marvel couldn't finish and publish the mini-series out of continuity.

A very popular rumour, being mentioned by a number of industry sources, said that rather than conflicting with The Champions, it would conflict with a new Vision series, one written and drawn by John Byrne.

John Byrne's return to Marvel Comics after vowing to no longer work for the publisher decades ago, has been teased with the possibility that Marvel may publish the X-Men fanfic he's been working on, on his own message boards. There has even been the suggestion that Chris Claremont may be brought on to rescript it, to combine the classic team once again.

The rumour was that John Byrne and Marvel wanted that series to be the only Vision in town. There were creative conflicts within the publisher recently with Venom and Venom: First Host telling similar, even contradictory, stories at the same time. Something similar happened with the Thanos series and the Thanos graphic novels. And Marvel wanted to avoid that this time.

But Bleeding Cool can utterly stomp on the rumour, From the top, Byrne is not working on a Vision comic for Marvel. The only thing he might possibly be doing for Marvel right now is the X-Men. And that's not even confirmed.

I wouldn't have mentioned it, but it came at me from three well-connected sources, so if I have heard it, plenty of other people will have as well. And Baltimore Comic Con and New York Comic Con would only have spread it further.

Whatever Byrne does do for Marvel, it may come as a short sharp shock for Byrne coming up against the modern day social media landscape. Byrne is known for having made some rather off colour comments about women, races and nationalities in the past and more able to use words currently off the menu than some would like. If Byrne does work for Marvel again, he and they may have to prepare for those statements to emerge from the Google archives from where they currently reside.

But at least it won't be as bad as if he'd pushed Chelsea Cain off a comic. Because, despite rumours, that did not happen.

No, a John Byrne Vision Did Not Get Chelsea Cain's Comic Canned
One vital element missing in that rumour? The truth.


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