Kapow 2012: Kieron Gillen And The £10.70 Glass Of Wine

Kieron wanted me to call this article "A Little Whine". I didn't.

Anyway, here is the writer of Uncanny X-Men, Kieron Gillen, who has just bought a glass of red wine at the Hilton hotel bar, next door to Kapow, and he is trying to get anyone who will listen to guess how much his normal, standard glass of red wine cost here. No one comes close.

I've told him that I can't believe that this is about to be an article on Bleeding Cool. He says he can believe it.

He is still talking about this. We've now got onto what Emma Frost would say. "Only £10.70? Are you trying to poison me?"

Americans, £10.70 is around $16, I think.

I expect to read about this on his Twitter feed at length. Why not tweet him about the wine right now?

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