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Of Mice And Mark Millar
From today's Scottish Herald On Sunday, featuring Mark Millar and Scottish comedian Robert Florence as Lenny & George from Of Mice And Men, to illustrate an article on the Glasgow Film Fest, which will again be featuring a Kapow strand. And Photoshopped for clarity… From today's Scottish Herald On Sunday, featuring Mark Millar and Scottish comedian[...]
The British Rob Granito?
Over the last couple of weeks there has been growing irritation, annoyance and indeed anger about an individual who is being dubbed by some as the British Rob Granito. An unnamed individual exhibiting at a number of British comic conventions, including Birmingham Comics Expo, Kapow and London MCM, who sells prints of copyrighted characters Nothing unusual[...]
Tripwire At Twenty
Will you make a pledge? If nothing else listen to editor Joel Meadows talking about the history of the magazine… [issuu viewMode=singlePage width=550 height=777 printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120522103835-b7764854d60d4a8f8341b5a92347e740 name=tripwire-bristol-kapow-images-lowres username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] It's the twentieth anniversary of British comics, film and music magazine Tripwire[...]
Monday Trending Topics: Which Iconic DC Comics Character Will Reveal He Is Gay?
Many major news organizations were asking that question today, based on Rich's report from the DC Kapow panel yesterday  And it was a huge news day from dawn until dusk Monday, including tidbits about Amazing Spider-Man #700, the Enchantress in Thor, Marvel's The View announcement, and much, much more.   Most-Read Comic Stories Today: DC Comics To Switch[...]
Sunday Trending Topics: Marvel And DC Comics Kapow Announcements
  Lots of interesting stories surfacing from Kapow this weekend, with Marvel and DC news drawing a bunch of interest today And really, sounds like a pretty good comic con weekend just about everywhere, as I've heard good things about Motor City, Dallas, and Big Wow over the past couple days as well. Speaking of conventions, Phoenix[...]
Kapow 2012: Kieron Gillen And The £10.70 Glass Of Wine
I didn't. Anyway, here is the writer of Uncanny X-Men, Kieron Gillen, who has just bought a glass of red wine at the Hilton hotel bar, next door to Kapow, and he is trying to get anyone who will listen to guess how much his normal, standard glass of red wine cost here No one comes[...]
Kapow 2012: New Avengers Vs X-Men Art… And The Return of Professor X
At Kapow in London, during the Avengers Vs X-Men panel with Kieron Gillen, CB Cebulski and Joe Quesada, they showed off some upcoming Avengers Vs X-Men pages… one of which seems to show a certain Professor X returning for issue 6… We also got a teaser that Illyana and Black Widow will star in an Augmented[...]
DC Comics To Switch The Sexual Orientation Of An Established Character
One question asked at the DC panel today at the Kapow comic convention in London, was about DC co-publisher Dan DiDio's interview with The Advocate Specifically over the decision not to change any character's sexual orientation when relaunching the DC Universe At the time Dan stated they would introduce new LGBT characters rather than switch[...]
Kapow 2012: Jonathan Ross Considering A Comic Book Podcast
At Kapow's Image Comics panel this morning, with Eric Stephenson, Nick Spencer and Bryan Hitch, Jonathan Ross stated that he had plans to launch a comic book podcast, because of his contacts in media and comics. He also talked about planning new comic books with current collaborators Bryan Hitch and Tommy Lee Edwards but also Ian[...]
Kapow 2012: "The New 52 Will Always Be The New 52" – Dan DiDio (UPDATE)
At Kapow in London this morning, DC co-publisher Dan DiDio clarified the company's publishing schedule, by numbers at least. He confirmed that the company will stick to publishing fifty-two ongoing titles in the DC Universe but they will always be "new" and constantly refreshing. So, basically, we can look forward to September and those zero issue folks… Might[...]
Kapow! 2012 Day One – Abe Lincoln, Fast Girls, The Raid, Storage 24 And More
Comics editor Rich Johnston has posted his own account of Kapow! Comic Convention 2012, but since we somehow managed to avoid running into each other, the Bleeding Cool Film experience was hopefully different enough to be worth writing about. Among the first things that I saw was new footage from Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, approximately five[...]
Saturday Trending Topics: Kapow
Lots of news from Kapow today, including tidbits from Warren Ellis, Mark Millar, Charlie Adlard, and much, much more  Next week BC hits Phoenix Comicon, which includes the BC Fan Awards, so go vote before it's too late. Most-Read Comic Stories Today: The Recolouring Of The X-Force Omnibus Coming at some indeterminate point, an X-Force Omnibus collecting Rob[...]
Kapow 2012: Day One
Just back home from Kapow, the second such annual event from Titan, Brightstar and Mark Millar, taking place in Islington, North London. The show saw Jonathan Ross taking to the wrestling ring and showing off the skills he's been learning the past few weeks Eric Stephenson and Shaun Kirkman punting volume after volume after volume of[...]
Kapow 2012: Millarworld And The Future Of Kick Ass 2
Mark Millar, Frank Quitely, Dave Gibbons and Nacho Vigalondo held host to the Millarworld panel at Kapow in London today Giving us a first look at this Quitely Jupiter's Children cover… and a barrage of Hit Girl and Secret Society imagery. Dave Gibbons talked about that, while Mark prefers American settings for his comics, given their[...]
Chopping Off Bits On One Side Of The Walking Dead
On the Image Comics panel at Kapow in London, Charlie Adlard stated that, on the Walking Dead, he tries to make character lose a limb, an eye, an ear or whatever on the same side of the character, so that he doesn't forget and make mistakes However he does confess to being pulled up by[...]
Kapow 2012: The InComplete Sleaze Castle – The Comic You Must Own
On sale at Kapow this weekend, and coming through Diamond shortly, is the Incomplete Sleaze Castle from Markosia That's if it gets the numbers it needs. Consider this an appeal to Americans Oh sure, you think you have Anglophiliac tastes Your shelves and/or Flash Drives full of Phonogram, Banksy, Misfits, Lucky Soul and The Thick Of[...]
Kapow 2012: The Glasgow League Of Writers At Booth 23
If you're exhibiting fun stuff at either Big Wow or Kapow this weekend, do let me know. The Glasgow League of Writers (GLoW) will be out in force at Kapow Comic Con this weekend with a host of limited edition comics, con exclusives and even some freebies for everyone visiting their stall – number 23. Gordon Mclean[...]
Margaret Thatcher – Brain Snatcher, At Kapow This Weekend
At the Kapow comic convention this weekend, a new anthology comic is launching called Overload, with a lead strip by Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Eoin Coveney, with a zombie critique of modern Coalition Britain So who better to lead the New Undead than Margaret Thatcher? She shut the coal mines, privatised every major public utility[...]
Wednesday Runaround – When The FBI Tried To Get Joe Simon's Artwork Back
FedWatch: When the FBI went after stolen Joe Simon artwork. Towards the end even Joe Simon clearly had enough cause to believe that his own daughter might have been the culprit as he admitted as much to the F.B.I, but this might have been an admission of a man who wasn't up to facing yet another[...]
Tuesday Runaround – Clowes, Kapow And Cricket
That they've treated the work so respectfully, I think is a good sign about how comics are being accepted." WomenWatch: At the beginning of the year, Kapow was being described as a "sausagefest" After the addition of a number of key guests, it's now receiving coverage from the Guardian as a bastion of feminism in comic books[...]
Tim Pilcher Says Too Many Cons, Not Enough Pros
Still on the horizon are MCM Expo (London), Kapow (London),  2D Festival (Derry), Thought Bubble (Leeds), and probably loads I haven't remembered! The fact is, with so many shows, creators are suffering from "convention fatigue" Cons take up a lot of work time, for professionals Very few have their expenses covered, unless they are guests of[...]
Three British Comic Cons In Three Weekends
A good, reliable comic convention. Then next weekend it's Kapow in North London, the MillarCon, with Mark Millar, Joe Quesada, Jonathan Ross, Warren Ellis, Jonathan Ross, Scott Snyder, Sara Pichelli, Olivier Coipel, Terry Dodson, Charlie Adlard, Bryan Hitch, Lucha Britannia, Dave Gibbons, Paul Cornell, C.B Cebulski, Nick Spencer, Barry Kitson, Eric Stephenson, Kieron Gillen, Peter Milligan,[...]
Thursday Runaround – Dan DiDio, Chainsaws And Cow Boys
WatchWatch: From coremech. DCWatch: It looks as if DC didn't like the idea of Joe Quesada taking the limelight at Kapow! in London Bob Wayne came last year, but this year he's to be joined by Dan DiDio and Will Dennis to promote Before Watchmen BeanoWatch: While previous British comic convention organiser, Kev Sutherland, continues to[...]
Mark Millar's Plan For Walt Flanagan? (UPDATED)
And actors he raves about tend to turn up at his Kapow! comics convention. There's already considerable speculation that Mark Hamill will appear at Kapow! based on Millar trying to get in touch with him, and his appearance, kidnapped, in the first issue of The Secret Service. Well, in the first issue of Supercrooks, one of the[...]
Kapow Convention Adds Some Muffin To Their Sausage
Kapow, the London convention run by Mark Millar and his family, and funded by Titan, has been criticised both this year and last for having no announced female comics guests, namely a "sausagefest" Last year, there were actually female comics creators at the show, but some people didn't realise the same thing would probably happen[...]
Kapow – The Women Are On Their Way (UPDATE)
Bleeding Cool ran an article yesterday on accusations that the upcoming London convention, Kapow, was a bit of a sausagefest when it came to comic book creators, based on the observation that every announced comics guest was, again, male. We also pointed out that, as last year, they would be female creators at the show, just[...]
Superior Kapow World Record Special Hits $13 On Day Of Sale
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool talked about the Superior Kapow World Record #1 comic, a comic created in 12 hours by a group of big name and small name comics creators at the Kapow Comic Convention earlier this year, to raise money for charity. And how, for some reason, it was limited to 10,000 copies, causing all stores[...]