Kody Chamberlain Fights Comics Piracy With A Tip Jar

What is a creator to do when faced with the piracy of his work? Enter into expensive legislation that may only target the symptom rather than the cause, and probably ineffectively at that? Rail online at the evils of piracy? Support ever increasing encroachment of civil liberty? Or support it, safe in the belief that any and exposure is worthwhile, it will all work out in the end and ramen noodles with a little soy sauce and mushrooms picked from the local park really are a delicious treat?

Kody Chamberlain, of 30 Days Of Night, newUniversal and Sweets has gone with a third option. Placing a "tipjar" on his blog, aimed at anyone who has ever pirated any of his work.

If they enjoyed it, that is.

It's an interesting solution. It's not the first time I've seen it done but I was struck by the text that accompanied it. Does it condone piracy? It is a pragmatic solution? Is it an admission that the copyright holders have lost, reduced to begging oin the side street?

And more importantly – will it work?


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