Legacy Numbering, Classic And Modern Characters, Value Stamps And The Return Of FOOM To Marvel Comics – What Were Bleeding Cool Scoops?


Marvel Comics have been announcing all sorts of things at C2E2 this weekend. But how much of it is old hat to Bleeding Cool readers?announced the return of legacy numbering across the board?

Well, at the Secret Empire panel, they announced the return of legacy numbering across the board. You read about that first on Bleeding Cool six weeks ago, the third of March, along with the news that Venom would be the first title to launch this pattern with #150 leading into #151.

On the return of Marvel's classic characters to their original forms, as well as the preservation of new versions of the characters in their own books, you read about that on Bleeding Cool on the 6th of February, with Thor, Iron Man and Hulk picked out specifically.


The return of the Marvel Value Stamps, you read about that on Bleeding Cool – okay, just a couple of days ago, along with the launch of Marvel Legacy #1. But it still meant you were a couple of days ahead on both.

And the return of FOOM, the Friends Of 'Ol Marvel official fanclub magazine from the mid-seventies? You read about that on…

Oh wait, no, that's new. FOOM is back.


Woo hoo!

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