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Like a Millennial, Marvel's Jordan White Ghosts on #XMenMonday

As we all know, Millennials are slowly destroying everything about America that Baby Boomers hold dear, such as eating at Applebees or liking mayonnaise. The latest thing Millennials are ruining is behaving like a grateful indentured servant for heartless capitalist masters, as low unemployment numbers have resulted in Millennials ditching crappy jobs with no notice as soon as they get a better one. Shocking and horrifying, we know.

We don't know whether or not Marvel X-Editor Jordan D. White identifies as a Millennial, though we are fairly certain his handlebar mustache does. Either way, White is behaving like one, because he just ghosted on the most sacred holiday for all X-Men fans, X-Men Monday, with no notice!

On X-Men Monday, the editor of Marvel's X-books traditionally posts previews from upcoming issues, celebrating the fact that it's Monday, we guess, and really, who needs an X-cuse to celebrate the X-Men. But today, White hasn't posted anything under the #XMenMonday hashtag at all, though he did post this blurry preview that does appear to be from an X-book:

The problem is, White, it's not #InboxPreviewMonday, it's #XMenMonday. Where are our tweets, bro?!

White did dedicate at least four tweets to talking about the band Ween, whose concert he attended last night:

He also posted a photo of himself rocking a sweet new Ween t-shirt:

But then, in the most insulting move of all, White revealed what he'll be reading on his commute home today (instead of tweeting X-Men previews)…

Traitor! That is not an X-Men comic!

Hopefully, Jordan White will realize the error of his ways before the night is over. It's not too late to post our X-Men previews, and we'll forgive the tardiness since it will provide us an opportunity to create not one but two clickbait articles.

Thankfully, as always, the reliably Kelly Thompson did come through with an X-Men Monday preview for our viewing pleasure:

Maybe Kelly Thompson should be the editor of the X-books? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Like a Millennial, Marvel's Jordan White Ghosts on #XMenMonday

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