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Big Changes are Coming for Cyclop's and Havok's Facial Hair in the X-Books
At Marvel, one of those two things happens roughly every three months, with the Age of X-Man still going while we're already looking ahead to Jonathan Hickman's House of X and Powers of X. But while those big events bring changes on a macro scale, it often the little things that make a bigger impact, and[...]
X-Men Monday Future in Doubt as Jordan White Demands Praise to Continue?
It's been ten weeks since power mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White absconded with the #XMenMonday hashtag, taking it to Adventures in Poor Taste as an X-CLUSIVE weekly Q&A column Already, it seems, White is seemingly having second thoughts about the column, taking to Twitter Tuesday night to request praise and adulation for the column[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Teases the Return of Professor X
Power-mad Marvel Editor Jordan White hosted the former Twitter hashtag known as #XMenMonday for the second week at Adventures in Poor Taste, and he used the opportunity to tease the return of an important X-Men character: Professor X! The professor has technically been floating around the Marvel Universe as X, a psychically resurrected version of himself[...]
Jordan White: Sage Will Appear in "Biggest X-Men Book of the Year"
White appeared for his first edition of #XMenMonday as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE Q&A article on Adventures in Poor Taste When asked if Sage would appear in an ongoing title in the future, White dodged the "ongoing" part of the question but did reveal that she will be back, and also apparently that the blockbuster X-Men comics[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Reboots a Major X-Men Franchise, #XMenMonday
In a move that could end a power struggle which has rocked the comic book industry for months, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has made a deal to end #XMenMonday on Twitter and bring the weekly feature as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE to comic book website Adventures in Poor Taste AIPT announced the news on Twitter: ATTN: #XMen fans[...]
#XMenMonday Shocker: Jordan White Reveals Final Age of X-Man Connecting Variant
In a stunning reversal, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White reinstated #XMenMonday just one week after announcing he had moved the weekly tradition to #XMenTuesday, Bleeding Cool can exclusively confirm White posted the final InHyuk Lee connecting variant for the first issues of the Age of X-Man mini-series, the cover for Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1, on Twitter[...]
Jordan White Officially Kills #XMenMonday, Launches #XMenTuesday Instead
Finally bowing to pressure from fans and the media, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has finally posted #XMenMonday previews on Twitter White refused to post the traditional previews on a Monday for three weeks in a row prior to today's reversal But White's folding comes with a twist; White has declared that #XMenMonday is no more,[...]
What Does Marvel's Jordan White Have Against #XMenMonday?
For the third straight week in a row, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has refused to post any previews of upcoming X-Men comics on Twitter with the hashtag #XMenMonday–Bleeding Cool can EX-X-XCLUSIVELY confirm White, who was promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel shortly after proclaiming that he could get Bleeding Cool to print an article about[...]
Marvel's Jordan White on #XMenMonday: "What is This Plug Called?
For the second week in a row, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has flaunted #XMenMonday tradition by refusing to tweet previews of upcoming X-Men comics White, who has repeatedly skipped the sacred holiday, instead using his platform to promote his career as a musical recording artist or to tweet about the band Ween Though White has[...]
Things Aren't Going Well for Cyclops and Wolverine This #XMenMonday
It's only X-Editor Jordan White's second week since his big fancy promotion, and he's already feeling the pressure! So we appreciate that, despite being busy, he still found time to post some quick previews for that most important of comic book holidays, X-Men Monday. But we're not very happy to see Cyclops being mistreated so soon! Guys,[...]
Like a Millennial, Marvel's Jordan White Ghosts on #XMenMonday
But today, White hasn't posted anything under the #XMenMonday hashtag at all, though he did post this blurry preview that does appear to be from an X-book: Here's a little #InboxPreview while I ride the train in and check my email pic.twitter.com/3kegSZay1M — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) December 17, 2018 The problem is, White, it's not #InboxPreviewMonday, it's[...]
Cyclops Goes Old School in #XMenMonday Sneak Peeks
White posted the panel from an unnamed book heading to press this week, though we can hazard an informed guess that this panel is from the upcoming Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, hitting stores in January and focused entirely on the best X-Man! We know Cyclops will return with Wolverine to rebuild the X-Men from scratch[...]
Is White is waging some kind of one-man "War on X-Mas" or something? In any case, White spent most of this X-Men Monday revealing the winners of last week's contest, though he did provide a preview of this week's Merry X-Men Holiday Special, featuring Charles Soule, Ryan Browne, and Jordan Boyd's story: #HotClaws for Hanukkah." For today's[...]
Instead of Answers, Marvel Delivers Nothing But Questions for #XMenMonday
Specifically, questions about costumes. For today's #XMenMonday, I feel like running a couple of polls to see what people think about the X-Men's costumes Get your faves ready, and let's see which outfits we prefer. — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) November 26, 2018 White asked readers to vote in polls to choose their favorite X-Men costumes, starting with[...]
Sneak Peaks at Uncanny X-Men #2-#10 for #XMenMonday
#XMenMonday pic.twitter.com/ZslPyuENh0 — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) November 19, 2018 In UNCANNY X-MEN #4 with art by Pere Perez we find out whether or not his will has been done, on sale 12/5 #XMenMonday pic.twitter.com/LqhVpAVs8r — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) November 19, 2018 I would like to formally invite you to buy UNCANNY X-MEN #6 with art by @ycinar,[...]
Jordan White Cancels #XMenMonday Again, Promotes Music Career Instead
But still! Sorry guys, no #XMenMonday today as I am home watching my little one because of the holiday Actually… let's take the opportunity to figure out the next X-Men song I am going to write This time, name an X-Men issue you want me to write a song based on Most votes wins. — Jordan D[...]
Marvel Wants You… to Make Emma Frost Memes for #XMenMonday
It's time to celebrate the holy holiday of X-Men Monday once again, which means that, as prophecized, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter to share snippets from upcoming X-Books, including the Merry X-Man Holiday Special, Shatterstar #3,  and Uncanny X-Men #3 and #4, all of which are going to press this week. VERY busy week[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Spoils the Last Panel of Uncanny X-Men #1 for #XMenMonday
Whatever the reason, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter on Monday to post some new information about the upcoming Uncanny X-Men relaunch, including posting the last panel of the book, along with some other teases: Happy #XMenMonday, everyone! We just sent the giant UNCANNY X-MEN #1 to press, so I figured I would give you[...]
Back From the Dead? Marvel Confirms Cyclops on the Cover of Uncanny X-Men #11
Though that didn't confirm that the adult Cyclops is finally returning, as fans have long demanded since his senseless killing as part of Marvel's agenda to make the Inhumans a thing because Fox owned the X-Men movie rights, now White has confirmed that the image with Cyclops is part of the cover for Uncanny X-Men[...]
Apocalypse Gets a Bold New Costume in X-Men Black Mystique
#XMenMonday pic.twitter.com/xHiwtSNeem — 👁Zac Thompson👁 (@ZacBeThompson) October 15, 2018 Presumably, all of this will be undone by the end of the story… unless it isn't In the meantime, what do you think of Apocalypse's minimalist new costume? Post your reactions in the comments. X-Men Black Mystique #1 (W) Seanan McGuire, Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler (A) Marco Failla (CA) J[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Celebrates #XMenMonday With 10 Mystery X-Men Previews
This time, rather than tell us what books the previews are from, White has posted the previews in a mystery format, asking fans to guess which books they're from. Check out the thread below, and then head to the comments to help us cheat in this contest. For today's #XMenMonday, I am going to post 10 images[...]
Is Apocalypse About to Break Into Song in This Sneak Peek at Degeneration Pt 2 From X-Men Black Mojo?
#XMenMonday See the mutant messiah lose everything courtesy of myself, @Lon_Monster, @geraldohsborges & @rachellecheri pic.twitter.com/CsSF678K6I — 👁Zac Thompson👁 (@ZacBeThompson) October 8, 2018 It looks like Apocalypse is letting life get him down Can we guess what happens in the rest of the chapter? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buqtdpuZxvkVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Galaxy Song – Monty Python's The Meaning of[...]
Marvel Editor Jordan White Confirms Cyclops is the Best X-Man for #XMenMonday
Despite Marvel's best efforts to turn him into a villain before killing him off and replacing him with his time-displaced teenage counterpart who will also soon be killed off, X-Men fans have weighed in and voted Scott Summers the most popular X-Man. Jordan tallied the data from a completely scientific poll: Happy #XMenMonday, everyone! Prepare yourself, because[...]
Move Over Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, Multiple Man #4 Sets the New Standard for Sexy Volleyball
#XMenMonday pic.twitter.com/dARbwYrzSP — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) September 17, 2018 Yup. Multiple Man #4 is in stores on Wednesday. Multiple Man #4 (of 5) (W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Andy MacDonald (CA) Marcos Martin THE SECRET HISTORY OF MADROX! • When you saw many footprints, that was Jamie Madrox… When you saw only one set of footprints, that was still Jamie, but he was[...]