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X of Swords: Creation #1 Cover
Not with X of Swords. X of Swords: Creation #1 Cover In the latest X-Men Monday column at Adventures in Poor Taste, power-man X-editor Jordan White twirled his handlebar mustache and revealed you pretty much have no choice but to purchase and read all twenty-two chapters of X of Swords if you hope to understand what's going[...]
Does X-Editor Jordan White Want in on the Cyclops/Wolverine/Marvel Girl Threesome?
When Tini Howard said she wouldn't want her room connected to anyone else's like the interconnecting rooms shared by Scott, Jean, and Logan where all the magic happens, X-Editor Jordan White replied that he would want to live there, calling it "beautiful" As we know, that's where Wolverine f**ks Cyclops and makes love to Jean[...]
Jonathan Hickman is Trying to Get Fired from X-Men... What Would Rob Liefeld Think?
And by "doing our best" of course we mean that we're reading Twitter and seeing what tweets can be spun off into an article with a sensational headline. Thankfully, X-meister Jonathan Hickman is always good for one of those, and today is no different, as Hickman has revealed that, despite enormous fan response to his relaunching[...]
Will Jonathan Hickman and Ben Oliver Be Able to Answer X-Men Editor Jordan White's Questions About Magneto in 2020?
Earlier today, Marvel X-Men Senior Editor Jordan White began posting his frustrations with the character of Magneto. Has anyone done an X-Men infographic called "Magneto–How the #$%@ Does He Work?" — Jordan D White (@cracksh0t) November 26, 2019 I wish his powers were more straightforward and just affected metal Like… I think he should "fly" by standing on[...]
Jordan White Says Marvel Universe Doesn't Have to Obey Laws of Logic
So, not to be nit picky, but I don't see the difference? Either way, it looks like power-mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White may be looking for his own "we don't have to explain it" moment in the latest edition of X-Men Monday at Adventures in Poor Taste At least, provided we're willing to take it[...]
Jordan White Trashes X-Men Event Decimation
Power-mad Marvel X-Editor Jordan White returned from his two-week break to hold court at Adventures in Poor Taste for X-Men Monday today, and though AIPT's Chris Hassan was once again afraid to ask when Chris Claremont will be allowed to write an ongoing series, he did supply White with a question that allowed him to[...]
X-Men Monday Future in Doubt as Jordan White Demands Praise to Continue?
It's been ten weeks since power mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White absconded with the #XMenMonday hashtag, taking it to Adventures in Poor Taste as an X-CLUSIVE weekly Q&A column Already, it seems, White is seemingly having second thoughts about the column, taking to Twitter Tuesday night to request praise and adulation for the column[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Teases the Return of Professor X
Power-mad Marvel Editor Jordan White hosted the former Twitter hashtag known as #XMenMonday for the second week at Adventures in Poor Taste, and he used the opportunity to tease the return of an important X-Men character: Professor X! The professor has technically been floating around the Marvel Universe as X, a psychically resurrected version of himself[...]
Jordan White: Sage Will Appear in "Biggest X-Men Book of the Year"
Bad luck. But Sage will be back, and in the "biggest X-Men book of the year," according to power-mad Marvel X-Editor Jordan White White appeared for his first edition of #XMenMonday as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE Q&A article on Adventures in Poor Taste When asked if Sage would appear in an ongoing title in the future, White dodged[...]
Marvel's Jordan White Reboots a Major X-Men Franchise, #XMenMonday
In a move that could end a power struggle which has rocked the comic book industry for months, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has made a deal to end #XMenMonday on Twitter and bring the weekly feature as an EX-X-XCLUSIVE to comic book website Adventures in Poor Taste AIPT announced the news on Twitter: ATTN: #XMen fans[...]
#XMenMonday Shocker: Jordan White Reveals Final Age of X-Man Connecting Variant
In a stunning reversal, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White reinstated #XMenMonday just one week after announcing he had moved the weekly tradition to #XMenTuesday, Bleeding Cool can exclusively confirm White posted the final InHyuk Lee connecting variant for the first issues of the Age of X-Man mini-series, the cover for Apocalypse and the X-Tracts #1, on Twitter[...]
Jordan White Officially Kills #XMenMonday, Launches #XMenTuesday Instead
Finally bowing to pressure from fans and the media, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has finally posted #XMenMonday previews on Twitter White refused to post the traditional previews on a Monday for three weeks in a row prior to today's reversal But White's folding comes with a twist; White has declared that #XMenMonday is no more,[...]
What Does Marvel's Jordan White Have Against #XMenMonday?
For the third straight week in a row, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has refused to post any previews of upcoming X-Men comics on Twitter with the hashtag #XMenMonday–Bleeding Cool can EX-X-XCLUSIVELY confirm White, who was promoted to Senior Editor at Marvel shortly after proclaiming that he could get Bleeding Cool to print an article about[...]