Lois And Clark Should Have No Romance – John Romita Jr

Superman (2011-) 041-012From a DC PR-arranged interview at CBR with Superman writer and artist Gene Luen Yang and John Romita Jr, the pair have talked about their plans for Superman – and for Lois Lane.

There's no mention of whether the Bleeding Cool theory may or may not be correct. But John Romita Jr just, basically, went off on one. Here are some choice quotes.

Personally, I think that she shouldn't get into any kind of romantic relationship with Clark Kent ever again. Ever. It's just too damn easy. Finding out who he is should irritate [her] to no end. I think, to make her different, you have to make her completely independent of any cliché ever written about this female character, because she's original female heroine. And there is no way of doing anything original with her unless you take what everybody else expects her to do and don't do it. If she decides to be a bitch, let her be a bitch. That's her prerogative, because Clark is a doofus. [Laughs] She should call him an "asshole," when she finds out he's Superman. And there should be no romantic involvement. She should also be running the Daily Planet. In the 1940s, sure, she could have said, "Ooh. You're my big, strong superhero." But screw that. We don't do that anymore. It's time for her to say, "You lied to me, you bastard. I should have known. And how come I couldn't tell it was you with your glasses on?" [Laughs] "I'm so stupid. You look exactly the same."

I was going to pick some quotes out from that, but no, let's let the whole thing run.

She should find somebody else, and Clark should get jealous — and that's the way it should be. She should have no interest in Clark. Everybody assumes that these two characters are going to get together, and that's counter to what I think that we should be doing.

Actually, there's a thought, what happened to Lois Lane's boyfriend Jonathan Carroll? Hasn't been seen since Lobdell left the books for ages. You don't reckon Lois knocked him on the head and buried him under the patio? Clark should be careful..

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