Luke Cage By David Walker and Nelson Blake II Replaces Power Man And Iron Fist At Marvel In May

David Walker and Nelson Blake II will be producing a Luke Cage solo series for Marvel to launch in May, replacing Walker and Sanford Greene's current run on Power Man and Iron Fist, according to an EXCLUSIVE reveal on CBR. When Marvel's April solicitations were revealed, Bleeding Cool noted that the solicit for Power Man and Iron Fist #15 looked a bit final, and it turns out to be true (pip pip), as it will be the final issue of that series:

• Well, it believes in Luke and Danny…with a vengeance!
• With everything they've worked for on the line, Power Man and Iron Fist are going to settle the score, once and for all!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

In its place, Luke Cage will look to show a more "contemplative" Cage, with Walker drawing on the character's history not just in comics, but in the Netflix series as well.

I'm writing him as a little more mature, and I'm not going to say that the television show was a huge influence on me, but it did show me a lot of ideas and ways Luke could be handled; a lot of them were in conjunction with ideas I had been developing in the first place or had been thinking about. I really want to give the readers the best Luke possible, and I think that's a Luke who does more than just fight all the time. I think the best superheroes are ones who aren't just beating the crap out of something or someone.

The book will kick off with Cage traveling to New Orleans for the funeral of the man who gave him his powers, Dr. Noah Burstein, taking him our of his usual setting of New York City and away from his usual cast of supporting characters, at least temporarily. Luke will return to New York for the second story arc, though Walker says he may leave again for the third.

By the fourth, it will be Marvel Universe line-wide relaunch time again.

Look for Luke Cage in stores this May!


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