Lying In The Gutters, 19th November 2017 – A Justice League Of Their Own

It was meant to be DC's week with the release of Justice League. But the movie came out and slightly underperformed, with CEO Kevin Tsujihara in the spotlight. They fired Eddie Berganza, forced to by Buzzfeed's coverage, with chaos reported in the company as it got leaked that they were moving to Marvel method. All the while Marvel appointed a brand new shiny Editor-In-Chief in C.B. Cebulski who might be well placed to steal some of their talent. And not sexually harass anyone.


So what were you reading this week?

Top Twenty Traffic Of The Week

  1. Justice League: All Of The Major Spoilers And Reveals
  2. [SPOILERS] Descriptions Of Justice League's Two Post-Credits Scenes
  3. The Definitive Truth Behind Why Brian Michael Bendis Left Marvel For DC
  4. DC Comics Moves To Artist-Focused "Marvel Method" That Marvel Doesn't Use Anymore
  5. Comic Industry Figures Tell Us Eddie Berganza Is Gone From DC Comics
  6. SCOOP: C.B. Cebulski Is The New Editor-In-Chief Of Marvel Comics
  7. Snoke Deluxe Star Wars Black Series Figure Ultimately Disappoints
  8. "Chaos" In The The Halls Of DC Comics After "Bergexit"
  9. All-New Character Trinary Joins "All-New" Wolverine In Final X-Men Red Cast Reveal… For Now
  10. Marvel Announces A Comic Book Marriage For June 20th, 2018
  11. Jeff Lemire Says Writing X-Men Was "Kind Of A Nightmare"
  12. Look Who's Holding Infinity Stones In Marvel Teaser For February
  13. Finn Balor Is Batman And That's All Anyone Needs To Know
  14. How Marvel Comics Refers To Donald Trump Now That He's President, In Marvel Two-In-One #1 (SPOILERS)
  15. The Uncanny Valley Of Superman's Upper Lip In The Justice League Movie
  16. Supergirl's Melissa Benoist Responds To Andrew Kreisberg's Suspension For Sexual Assault Allegations
  17. Comic Industry Reacts To The Eddie Berganza Suspension
  18. Why Marvel Prefers Not To Use The "Marvel Method" For Creating Comics
  19. DC Comics Fires Eddie Berganza: Official Statement
  20. Molly McIsaac Talks About The Offer Eddie Berganza Made

And Ten You May Prefer

  1. Grandville: Force Majeure Is My Favourite Comic Of 2017
  2. When Eddie Berganza Took Over Editing Poison Ivy, Amy Chu Rewrote It A Little…
  3. The Great Lie: What Doomsday Clock Secrets Is DC Hiding Behind This Password-Protected Page?
  4. Metal Brings Back Hypertime In Today's Justice League #33 And The Batman Who Laughs #1 (SPOILERS)
  5. DC Comics Sends Watchmen Pancake Mix To Rob Liefeld To Promote Doomsday Clock
  6. Shea Fontana, Gail Simone, Matthew Rosenberg, And More React To Eddie Berganza 
  7. Avengers #675 Review: No Surrender, Not Bad
  8. Workplace Sexual Harassment: Lucas Siegel Is A Symptom Of A Disease We Need To Cure
  9. Amazing Spider-Man: Venom Inc. Alpha #1 Review: A Venom Trifecta
  10. After 3 Years, Marvel Finally Cancels United States Of Murder Inc Annual And Powers #9

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