Make A Wish Wrecks Time For A Good Cause At ECCC


Burr Martin writes,

I was honored to be a part of the latest Make A Wish project as they presented a new Graphic Novel by Noah Ingram called Time Wreckers.
The crowded table of creators for the release panel included Mike Jones, a local radio announcer, Emily (Fabled Earth) Fiegenschuh, Brett Bean from Dreamworks, Chris (Motorcycle Samurai) Sheridan, Ethan (Ax Cop) Nicolle and the creator himself, Noah Ingram.


Starting out as an 80-page work doc, Make A Wish found out that one of Noah's dreams would be a book in print about the stories he'd written, so Donna Gretto from Make A Wish, got in touch with Ethan Nicolle and the both of them started the ball rolling, calling other creators to pitch in.

The book was now a collaboration of 45 artists telling stories from Noah, who's been working on it for over 4 years.


Nicolle said he mainly took on the project because he saw how Noah had the joy of making a story up and connected with that.
Noah said he got the idea of taking a fairy tale and changing it. He said some influences were along the sci-fi lines of Halo, Skyrim, Destiny and Fable.

Don't just look for newly created characters throughout the book, because there's a lot of name dropping as well.

Names like Beethoven, KISS, Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Jimmy Durante, to Noahs surprise because he had no idea who Durante was until Nicolle sung "Make Someone Happy" during the panel, telling Noah he put Durante in the story himself.

Noah knew he would have a book in print, but the panel and big Con reveal were a pleasant surprise, which I could tell through his parents, who were sitting next to me, bright smiles on their faces.


Noah said he has ideas for other projects as well, such as a story about Conventions and maybe a story about plot holes. I know I look forward to reading an entire story about how the characters know they're in a story full of plot holes if it shows any of the imagination Time Wreckers has.
So if you happen to get a hold of a copy, consider yourself lucky as this was a limited release, but well worth the looking for.

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