How Many Universes? Today's Multiversity And New Avengers Count Them Up

The multiverse used to consist of an infinite number of worlds. DC was on Earth One, Marvel was on Earth 616. That last one was always a good joke.

But DC's Crisis reduced that to one before it broke out again into the current fifty-two. One for every week of the year. That was slightly less of a good joke.

Today's Multiversity Guidebook is very reminiscent of the Black Dossier, with action and adventure, death and destruction, interspersed with characters reading articles and stories, the pages of which we then read in the comic, as it lays out (almost) every one of the earths.

The Multiversity - Guidebook #1 (2015) - Page 25

While over in New Avengers, we see the multiverse has also reduced somewhat. We know it's heading to Battleworld, but right now there aren't enough realities to make even that up.

Image (76)

Just twenty-two universes, folks. And a skip ahead to the 616 Vs. Ultimate Earth incursion coming in Secret Wars #1….

There have been some fan complaints asking why the heroes didn't do this, or that, to save the multiverse as Earth crashes into Earth. Today, New Avengers explains some of the many attempts taken over the last eight month – and how all of them failed. If you write a fan theory about what they could have done, it could well have been incorporated here.

There have also been questions as to how the rather convulted history of the Beyonder fits in. He's on the cover, after all. But folk have pointed out the Brian Bendis retcon from New Avengers: The Illuminati with the Beyonder as a mutant inhuman, as well as the previous Secret Wars 3 stories from Fantastic Four that seem to be in direct contradiction with each other. Well, Jonathan Hickman is unravelling all the strands and knitting them together again…

Image (77)

Though as Tom Brevoort tells us, Rabum Alal is coming… from a previous New Avengers


Oh yes, and your latest Multiversity tie-in from 2014 that you had no idea about? The last issue of Batman: L'il Gotham…. currently at cover price on eBay.

The Multiversity - Guidebook #1 (2015) - Page 24


Possibly. While over in Earth 2: World's End they are preparing for… something.

Image (74)

And the Marvel/DC crossovers seem to mount up… from the Multiversity Guide…

The Multiversity - Guidebook #1 (2015) - Page 32The Multiversity - Guidebook #1 (2015) - Page 31And from Secret Wars, all the Thors including the one from DC Comics…


Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. With a signing from Liz Prince on Saturday the 7th February, signing  Alone Forever and Tomboy, as well as her other works, followed by a talk.


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