Marvel Comics to Publish Amazing Fantasy Omnibus – But Which Amazing Fantasy?

The comic book Amazing Fantasy, published by Marvel Comics in the sixties, is best known for its fifteenth issue that introduced the Amazing Spider-Man, by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. But with that issue, the series ended and the character used to launch The Amazing Spider-Man after keen reader response.

But there were fourteen other issue of Amazing Fantasy as well. And for those fourteen issues, it was also called Amazing Adult Fantasy.

Well, in 2020, it seems that Marvel Comics may be going to collect all fifteen issues into an Omnibus for May 26th. 2020. 448 pages.

The thing is, Marvel has already done that over ten years ago, at 416 pages. Is this a reissue with a few added pages? Maybe the 1995-published painted Amazing Fantasy #16 to #18 series featuring stories set between #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #1 by Kurt Busiek and Paul Lee?

Or could it be a collection of the 2004 Amazing Fantasy series, 20 issues running until 2006, that for 6 issues featured Araña, then a new version of  the Scorpion, Nina Price, Vampire by Night, Vegas, Captain Universe, Death's Head 3.0, Tales of the New Universe, Steamrider and a new issue #15 intended to introduce new Marvel Comics heroes Mastermind Excello – the first appearance of Amadeus Cho, Blackjack, the Great Video, Monstro, Heartbreak Kid, and Positron.

All we know right now is we have another Amazing Fantasy Omnibus. What's in it we will have to wait and see…

Marvel Comics to Publish Amazing Fantasy Omnibus - But Which Amazing Fantasy?



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