Marvel Gets Back To Basics With Deadpool Guest Appearance In Defenders For Marvel Legacy

Marvel is starting to get really meta with their Legacy announcements. In addition to paying tribute to Marvel's past while looking forward to the blah blah blah with their characters, it looks like Marvel is also employing a classic legacy tactic: have their most popular character make a guest appearance to boost sales on a book.

Defenders by "The Great One" Brian Bendis and David Marquez is the lucky recipient of this hot Deadpool injection, but despite Defenders having a long publishing history, it won't be returning to legacy numbering, because legacy has no place in a Bendis comic. The storyline will feature Marvel criminals jockeying to become the new Kingpin of Crime, and though Bendis originally said that Deadpool will not be the new Kingpin, he changes his mind right in the interview with IGN, giving readers a rare look into The Great One's creative process:

His involvement is a big clue to who ends up being the new Kingpin. Don't worry, it's not him :-) Oh wait, maybe it should be. That's not a totally terrible idea. Deadpool is the new kingpin? Hmmmm… :)

Nice one, Bendis.

Check out the cover and solicit below:

Marvel Gets Back To Basics With Deadpool Guest Appearance In Defenders For Marvel Legacy


Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Penciled by David Marquez

Cover by David Marquez


The Defenders: Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Daredevil, protectors of the people, are in a desperate struggle to keep New York City safe in the wake of the power vacuum caused by the Kingpin's absence and the all-out street war that results! So what could make things even worse for our team of harried heroes? Would you believe — Deadpool?

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