One: 12 Collective Blade MXD Figure from Mezco Toyz

Blade Faces the Daylight with Mezco Toyz Exclusive Figure

This is one figure that any Defenders, Blade, or Marvel fan will want to add to their growing collection The One:12 Collective Blade Exclusive Figure from Mezco Toyz is priced at $85 The figure is expected to ship after May 25tth so collectors won't have to wait too long to get their hands on him[...]

jessica jones

"Marvel's Jessica Jones": Never Mind – Krysten Ritter WOULD Return to Role

The third and final season of Netflix‘s Marvel’s Jessica Jones - debuting earier this month -  marks the end of the streaming service's live-action relationship with Marvel Studios. In February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel’s The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel’s Jessica Jones after three – the last of the streaming service’s series that also included[...]

jessica jones

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" Season 3: Jessica's Last Case Gets Very Personal [OFFICIAL TRAILER]

People die, new people are born, and we exist in between.” The final season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones is coming soon to @Netflix. In February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel’s The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel’s Jessica Jones after this upcoming third season – the last of the streaming service’s series with Marvel Studios that also included Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist,[...]

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" Season 3: Carrie-Anne Moss on Jeri Hogarth's Adversity

That said, Carrie-Anne Moss is in a league of her own playing the cold, ruthless, and stoic Jeri Hogarth in all three seasons of Marvel's Jessica Jones.During a conversation with regarding the upcoming final season, Moss discussed the traits that make Jeri a formidable opponent - far more intimidating and cutthroat than Foggy Nelson[...]

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Netflix Teases Final Season "Coming Soon"

People die, new people are born, and we exist in between." The final season of Marvel's Jessica Jones is coming soon to @Netflix. Back in February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel's The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel's Jessica Jones after this upcoming third season - the last of the streaming service's series with Marvel Studios[...]

Namor Takes on Immigration Reform in The Best Defense: Namor #1

We already know that Namor the Submariner is an fervent environmentalist, but the King of Atlantis's affinity for liberal politics knows no bounds. In next week's The Best Defense: Namor, Namor endures an argument with his xenophobic advisors over his plans to allow exiled ethnic group the Vodani into Atlantis… But regardless of their objections, […]

Daredevil Annual #1 cover by Shane Davis, Michelle Delecki, and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Daredevil Annual #1 Review: The World Needs More Misty Knight Stories

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] We go back to the earlier days of Daredevil, when the Man Without Fear was still a fledgling hero and Misty Knight was still Detective Mercedes Knight. Detective Knight and her partner, Carmen Torres, have their night interrupted by a body falling out of a window onto the hood of Misty's car. Upon […]

Marvel's Iron Fist Season 2: There's Something About (Typhoid) Mary in New Images

Early looks and the first official second-season trailer for Marvel's Iron Fist have Netflix fans cautiously excited for the upcoming season – and that's due in large part to the eagerly-anticipated introduction of Alice Eve as classic Marvel villain Typhoid Mary. Now the streaming service is giving us a look at Mary's deadly duality, using the show's […]

Silver Surfer Joins Marvel's Unannounced Defenders Lineup

More art from Ron Garney and Richard Isanove has revealed the third member of what is almost certainly a Defenders revival at Marvel Comics Earlier today, Marvel released a teaser featuring The Hulk, followed by one featuring Namor All three teasers have been drawn by Garney and Isanove and feature the phrase "The Best Defense"[...]

Second Marvel Teaser of the Day Implies a Defenders Revival

Marvel has released a second teaser following up on the Hulk teaser released earlier, and now it seems likely these teasers will build up to an announcement of a Defenders comic revival Hulk and Namor were both members of the original team of Defenders alongside Doctor Strange, as they first appeared in 1971's Marvel Features[...]

Doctor Strange #4 cover by Jesus Saiz

Doctor Strange #4 Review: A Good Story Needlessly Complicated

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Doctor Strange and Kanna are on the run with a Nidavelliran Dwarf named Eoffren. A photon-based species, called the Majesdane, kidnapped Eoffren to force him to create a superweapon for them. Strange and Kanna sprung Eoffren, and the Majesdane are now trying to kill them. Doctor Strange #4 has a straightforward plot, as […]

Daredevil #606 cover by Phil Noto

Daredevil #606 Review: A Solid Comic Built on a Shaky Premise

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Hammerhead attempts to rob a bank in midtown, and Daredevil arrives to stop it. As it turns out, Hammerhead's men are armed with nail guns. Things seemed to be on their way to wrapping up when Hammerhead's men take hostages from the on-lookers of the battle. Matt must save them. The story then […]