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"The Great One" Brian Bendis Lures Marvel's Kris Anka to DC's Young Justice
Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported that both Young Justice #1 and Naomi #1, part of "The Great One" Brian Bendis's Wonder Comics line at DC, will go back to press for second printings The Great One took to Instagram to gloat about his success, and drop a big reveal: Kris Anka, who will end his[...]
Lois and Clark Team Up for Journalism in Action Comics #1010 This April
Superman and Lois Lane have found themselves separated for much of "The Great One" Brian Bendis's run so far First, Lois went to space with Jon Kent and Jor El, and we all know how that turned out When Lois got back, she kept it a secret at first, causing that whole kerfluffle with the[...]
"The Great One" Brian Bendis Teases Things to Come in 2019
Superstar writer "The Great One" Brian Bendis took to Instagram Wednesday to usher in the new year with a series of ten tantalizing teases about what to expect from him in the coming year (and no, going back to Marvel is not one of them) On the post, Bendis set the ground rules: 2019- a tease[...]
Can we afford to allow Brisson and Larraz to kill him off, leaving us with exactly zero Cyclopses just when Uncanny X-Men is getting relaunched? We should put a stop to Extermination later this month during Banned Books week by banning it as soon as possible. Superman and Action Comics With the arrival of superstar writer "The[...]
How many Marvel comics are canceled before they've even published 8 months worth of issues, which means a comic could launch and be canceled before a top Marvel executive has even read the first issue! Might Brevoort have noticed Ryan Ottley's hidden message in Amazing Spider-Man if he'd read it? Of course, there are comics that[...]
Bendis and Snyder Sitting in a Tree T-E-X-T-I-N-G
It's Summertime, and the smell of fresh reboot is in the air! Superstar writers "The Great One" Brian Bendis and "Scintillating" Scott Snyder both have new comics at DC For Bendis, it's Superman and Action Comics, coming off his six-issue Man of Steel mini-series For Snyder, it's Justice League. Could we be set to see some[...]