Marvel Introduces New Term "Icer" For Those Who Believe Captain America Was Frozen

The thing about living in a superhero universe is that history is bunk. There are so many official government bodies covering up what really happened, time travellers writing what really happened, and competing continuities struggling for dominance that you might expect regular citizens to be a little sceptical regarding the official version of events. You get taught one this in history one day, then someone kills Hitler as a baby and you have to learn everything all over again.

Something like this just happened in the Marvel Universe. It was revealed that originally Hitler won the war, but that the Allied changed history with the Cosmic Cube so that they won instead — but for some reason didn't do anything about the Holocaust. And, with Hydra taking over the USA, this was now the history being taught, and the original timeline being restored. And while that went away, everyone remembers.

So, in the new Mark Waid/Chris Samnee Captain America for Marvel Legacy, is it any surprise that the official story of Captain America, trying to stop a Baron Zemo missile, getting downed in the ocean, frozen but surviving for decades in deep sleep thanks to the Super Soldier Serum and being revived in the modern day to fight alongside the Avengers, might be doubted?

Turns out if you buy into all that, then you are an "icer". Others see that explanation as propaganda to explain the return of such an iconic figure at this time of need, a necessary fiction, for superhero PR politics. Only thing is: in the Marvel Universe, the people who believe the weirdest stuff are generally correct.

But when your own characters start doubting official continuity, are you on dodgy grounds? It's almost as if they can see the panels and borders…

Marvel Introduces New Term "Icer" For Those Who Believe Captain America Was Frozen

(W) Mark Waid (A/CA) Chris Samnee
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