In Marvel Legacy, Iron Fist Teams Up With… Sabretooth?! From Ed Brisson And Mike Perkins

Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins will bring Iron Fist into the Marvel Legacy era, and they're bringing Sabretooth along for the ride.

In Marvel Legacy, Iron Fist Teams Up With… Sabretooth?! From Ed Brisson And Mike Perkins

The creative team of Iron Fist is taking the concept of Marvel Legacy seriously. When Iron Fist resumes its legacy numbering at #73 this fall, it will come with a special co-star for the book: Sabretooth. Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Sabretooth debuted, not in the pages of X-Men, but way back in Iron Fist#14. Sabretooth and Iron Fist will team up to save K'un-L'un in the book's first Legacy story arc, Old Wounds and Bad Blood.

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with Syfy Wire, Brisson gave his "elevator pitch" for the book:

Iron Fist is desperate to get back to K'un-Lun. As learned in The Trial of the Seven Masters (Iron Fist #1-5), Danny needs to get back to K'un-Lun in order to properly realign his chi.

However, there are those who don't want him to succeed and will pull out all the stops to make sure the fails. In order to have a hope of getting back home, Iron Fist must both seek help of those from his past and fight those from his past — including at least one former enemy who's supposed to be dead.

Look for Iron Fist #73 this October.

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