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REVIEW: Black Cat #8 -- "This Book Is Fun, Smart, Well-Crafted And Enjoyable"

REVIEW: Black Cat #8 — "This Book Is Fun, Smart, Well-Crafted And Enjoyable"

(Marvel Comics, creative team: Jed McKay, Dike Ruan, Annie Wu, Brian Reber, Ferran Delgado) After a mild misstep, this series is back in fine form as the titular thief breaks into the corporate headquarters of billionaire adventurer Danny Rand, who most know as the hero Iron Fist. Interspersed in-between scenes covering the clever caper, the […]

Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee Launch New Comic Firepower in May

Fire Power: Robert Kirkman, Chris Samnee Launch New Iron Fist Comic at Image in May

After ending both Invincible and Walking Dead, fans of comic book mogul and third most famous person ever born in Kentucky (behind George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln), Robert Kirkman, have been wondering where they will find the next batch of relatable characters they can become attached to before Kirkman heartlessly kills them off in an […]

DC & Marvel: What One Can Teach the Other About Television [OPINION]

When it comes to films, Marvel achieved near-perfect synergy. On the television side, it's primarily squandered potential outside of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Most shows never last beyond three seasons. The sabotage is nothing short of disgraceful considering what DC achieved on their end culminating in Crisis on Infinite Earths. There's TV side of the Marvel […]

"Wu Assassins": Stephen Fung Talks Netflix's Upcoming Martial Arts Series

Actor-Director Stephen Fung, whose career spans over 30 years in the Hong Kong, brought his expertise to the small screen in Wu Assassins, Netflix's first martial arts-focused original series. The action-fantasy led by The Raid's Iko Uwais and Vikings Katheryn Winnick blends elements of superhero origin, coming-of-age, fantasy and science fiction. Fung spoke with The […]

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"Marvel's Jessica Jones": Never Mind – Krysten Ritter WOULD Return to Role

The third and final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones – debuting earier this month –  marks the end of the streaming service's live-action relationship with Marvel Studios. In February 2019, Netflix officially cancelled Marvel's The Punisher after two seasons and Marvel's Jessica Jones after three – the last of the streaming service's series that also included […]

"Ozark" Season 3 Promotes Janet McTeer, Lisa Emery to Series Regulars; 4 More Join Cast

A little more than eight months after co-star-director-executive producer Jason Bateman took to Twitter to confirm the series' season 3 return, Netflix has some casting news to announce for their award-winning crime drama Ozark. First up, Tom Pelphrey (Marvel's Iron Fist) and Jessica Francis Dukes (Marvel's Jessica Jones) are switching shows within the streamer, set […]

"Marvel's Jessica Jones" Season 3: Carrie-Anne Moss on Jeri Hogarth's Adversity

Netflix's Marvel TV universe was never short on legal representation, with three major characters as lawyers. That said, Carrie-Anne Moss is in a league of her own playing the cold, ruthless, and stoic Jeri Hogarth in all three seasons of Marvel's Jessica Jones. During a conversation with regarding the upcoming final season, Moss discussed […]

‘Jessica Jones’ Creator Melissa Rosenberg Has No Plans for Superhero Projects Under Warner Bros Deal

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Creator Melissa Rosenberg is Done With Superheroes – For Now

Sorry, DC Universe fans: don't look for Marvel's Jessica Jones creator/showrunner Melissa Rosenberg to be jumping into any superhero-related televison shows or films – at least for now – when she starts her new deal with Warner Bros. With the now-cancelled Netflix series premiering its third and final season on Friday, June 14, Rosenberg spoke […]

'Marvel's Jessica Jones' Season 3: Netflix Teases Final Season "Coming Soon"

While fans who are eagerly awaiting the news as to when they'll be able to cast their eyeballs onto the third and final season of Netflix's Marvel's Jessica Jones are still left scratching their heads over an exact date, the streaming service did tease out some new key art to show that they haven't forgotten […]

'Prodigal Son': The Walking Dead's Tom Payne Replacing Finn Jones in FOX Drama

FOX's upcoming series pilot Prodigal Son is already experiencing drama before the cameras have even started rolling, with The Walking Dead's Tom Payne replacing Finn Jones (Marvel's Iron Fist) as lead in the pilot from Chris Fedak, Sam Sklaver, Berlanti Productions, and Warner Bros TV. The decision was made after the week's initial table read. […]

Hulu Has "Good Creative Relationship" with Marvel, Open to Reviving Cancelled Netflix Series

Like cockroaches, Twinkies, and Tom Cruise, the drama and rumors swirling around the Netflix-Marvel situation will survive the apocalypse or our alien overlords. Helping all of us warm our hands by that uncomfortable geek dumpter fire is Craig Erwich, Hulu's senior vice president of originals. Erwich spoke to The Wrap during the streaming service's TCA session, […]

Daredevil: Vincent D'Onofrio Willing to Make Offer Netflix Can't Refuse to Save Series

Anyone who knows Marvel lore knows you never count The Kingpin out – and that includes the Netflix version's real-life "alter-ego" Vincent D'Onofrio, who isn't taking the streaming service's cancellation of popular series Marvel's Daredevil lying down – and he's urging the fans to do the same. While clearly the primary antagonist in the show's […]

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So About Those Netflix Marvel Series Appearing on Disney+ Any Time Soon…

Appears an update about the future of Netflix's Marvel's The Defenders has shed a whole lot of light on the near-future lives of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones. Entertainment news agency Variety reported exclusively earlier today that the deal for the original four Marvel shows included a clause that prevented the characters from […]

Mary Plans to Reboot the Bible in Next Week's Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist

Marvel's penchant for reboots, relaunches, and super-mega-crossover event has gone unchecked for so long, they clearly feel like they can reboot anything. And learning from her publishers, Typhoid Mary plans to do just that, announcing plans in next week's Typhoid Fever: Iron Fist to reboot the Bible, presumably in an event that could shake the […]