What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?

Marvel have released their latest delightfully hyperbolic press release about their upcoming Marvel Legacy initiative, including the titles for the brand new arcs to come as part of the new initiative. We've seen the many covers harking back to classic covers of yore, and now we have a little more info.

But just what do these titles mean for the books, and what can we maybe expect?

Marvel Legacy

We can maybe make a few guesses on some of these Marvel Legacy titles. Some are pretty obvious. For example, 'The Death of Mighty Thor' seems pretty self explanatory (though could potentially go a number of ways). But what else have we got?

Here, I'll pick a few of the ones which jumped out to me and mindlessly speculate on what they could mean. Yes, folks, this is speculation again, so take all with a pinch of salt, but of course, if I'm right, we have some potential mild spoilers.

What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?
Astonishing X-Men by John Cassaday

So, Astonishing X-Men will have a new arc called 'A Man Called X'. Now, we know the Astonishing team will be looking to rescue a particular someone in the first arc, and that arc's villain is Shadow King and psychics seem heavily involved in the preview Marvel released. So, could the titular man called X be a certain Professor X, Charles Francis Xavier? Remember, this title is part of ResurrXion too.

What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?

Generation X will have an arc called 'OG Gen X', as it reverts to it's classic numbering of issue 85. This one is particularly interesting as it would imply an arc focusing on the original Generation X team (the Gen X fan in me squee'd loudly), but at last count some key members of this team were missing. Jubilee, M, Husk, Penance (now going by the name Hollow at last check in) and Chamber are all still kicking around, so maybe it's just these four coming together. But could we also see a return of Skin (crucified, cremated against his wishes, and given a headstone with the wrong name) and Synch (blown up in a terrorist incident committed by Emma Frost's sister).

What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?

Guardians of the Galaxy will be 'Infinity Quest'. We know that Gamora is looking for the Soul Gem, and the cover showed seems to suggest that maybe the galaxy's greatest (?) thieves might be on the hunt of the whole set.

Hawkeye's 'Family Reunion' might be a double meaning, as Kate Bishop Hawkeye meets back up with Clint Barton Hawkeye, but will also continue to deal with her villainous father.

What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?

Iceman #6 will see the 'Champions Reassembled', so seeing Iceman bringing together the classic Champions and maybe taking a leadership role this time?

Invincible Iron Man will have 'The Search for Tony Stark', so I guess there'll be a quest to find the biological tech genius. After all, last we saw his body in that weird tech-cocoon thing, it was in the clutches of SHIELD and HydraCap. What has become of Tony Stark's body?

Marvel Two-In-One will be called 'The Fate of the Four', so Human Torch and The Thing might be trying to find out what exactly has happened to their former team mates and family Invisible Woman and Mister Fantastic. Maybe this could lead to a return to Fantastic Four one day? Maybe not.

What Do Those Marvel Legacy Titles Mean?

Spider-Man's 'Sinister Six Reborn' will see Miles Morales going up against a new Sinister Six. But will this be the originals or an entirely new version? Given some of the rumours coming out from Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seems likely they'll at least be inspired by the classic version.

Uncanny Avengers has 'Stars and Garters', so I guess Beast will be officially joining the team. Wonder if it'll continue the character's downward spiral, or see him finally get a return to a heroic figure.

Well, that's just some of the possibilities. These ones jumped out to me, but what ones have jumped out to you? What do you think we can expect with these new arcs in the near future?

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