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As well as a Hellfire Gala second printing, Marvel Comics has four Krakoan X-Men titles out this week, Astonishing Iceman #2, Children Of The Vault #2, X-Force #44, and X-Men Red #15, all playing out the Fall Of X consequences or Orchis stepping up as a world-recognised and accepted anti-mutant terrorist organisation As one does. In[...]
Interior preview page from ASTONISHING ICEMAN #2 JESUS SAIZ COVER
Well, gather around the icicle kids, because Astonishing Iceman #2, hitting stores this Wednesday, is slated to give Bobby Drake the metaphorical cold shoulder in his very own hometown You get it, right? The ELEMENTS OF DOOM, whatever that Nursey Rhyme terror organization is, intends to freeze out our dear Iceman Oh, the iron—I mean,[...]
Marvel Comics
In Hellfire Gala, Iceman (and many more) died In X-Men #25, it seems that for Kitty Pryde at least, Iceman was… well Fridged. X-Men #25 But Bobby Drake seems fit and fine in today's Astonishing Iceman #1. Astonishing Iceman #1 Even though this was the last time we saw him, at the Hellfire Gala. Hellfire Gala #1 Given a little more[...]
Interior preview page from ASTONISHING ICEMAN #1 JESUS SAIZ COVER
Marvel's Astonishing Iceman #1, coming your way on Wednesday, August 2nd, looks to make you wonder how low the thermostat can go in the name of comic book capitalism. Look, seems like Bobby Drake is setting himself some lofty goals this time around And, across his icy road to victory, lies his chilly palace somewhere in[...]
Steve Orlando and Vincenzo Carratù on Marvel's Astonishing Iceman
Marvel Comics has announced details to the new Astonishing Iceman comic book launching from Marvel for Fall Of X in August, not Steve Foxe but Steve Orlando Steve Foxe will be on either Realm Of X or Dark X-Men pop by in half an hour to check which But for now Steve Orlando and Vincenzo[...]
Iceman Brings the Frost with New Marvel Select Figure from DST
One of the original members of the X-Men is back as Iceman is sliding into action Bobby Drake is ready to freeze the competition and bring freeze your Marvel collection with a brand new release Coming in at 7" tall, Iceman is completely cast in translucent plastic showing off that beautiful ice design right from[...]
Iceman Gets a Marvel's Voices Infinity Comic on Marvel Unlimited
Marvel comics is once again celebrating Pride Month in the best way possible: the way where you give Marvel $9.99 a month! Marvel's Voices: Iceman is the latest Infinite Comic to launch on Marvel Unlimited, the all-you-can-read subscription service, and the press release seems to say that the series will be ongoing and feature a[...]
Hellfire Gala Timeline Adding Wolverine, SWORD, Way Of X, Pride, GOTG
It's Iceman time! Today's Marvel's Voices: Pride comic book has a lot of X-Men A lot of X-Men Even crossing over with the Hellfire Gala and the after-party on Arakko/Mars As well as running through Marvel's LGBTQ history which glosses over some of the publisher's more terrible moments But it does also mention Bobby Drake,[...]
King In Black Marauders #1 Review: Transcends The Tedious
Alongside "cop from the future" Bishop, reformed villain Pyro, her pet space dragon Lockheed and omega-level chill dude Iceman, she has been tasked with invading crossover-mired Manhattan and rescue mutant leaders Storm and Cyclops from the symbiote forces of the evil space god Knull. Along the way, something goes wrong, and they end up on a[...]
Fantastic Four #24 Review: The Basics of Marvel’s First Family
RATING: HONORABLE MENTION. Fantastic Four #24 By Dan Scott, Paco Medina Hey, remember that time Iceman replaced the Human Torch as a member of the Fantastic Four? No? Well, Johnny Storm sure remembers! And now it's time to let everybody else in on the secret of the Fantastic Four story we were never supposed to talk about! [...]
Marvel fans will get Storm, Psylocke, Archangel, Iceman, and as a set exclusive you'll get Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde The statue is hand painted and is extremely detailed that any Marvel fan will fall in love with. The Marvel Comics Sentinel itself will also have a single release if you just want to get the mutant[...]
Iceman is back and he is ready to help save the X-Men from yet another Sentinel attack Iron Studios is continuing with its massive X-Men statue series as they look into their third Sentinel statue If you are not aware, each massive statue has various members of the X-Men on it that all have the[...]
Iceman Gets Frosty with Marvel 80th Anniversary Funko Pop [Review]
Iceman is one of the five original members of the X-Men I was oddly surprised that when Funko originally announced the 80th Anniversary Pops and Iceman wasn't on the X-Men release However, Iceman did make his appearance with the announcements of the 1st appearance figures for Wolverine and Deadpool (coming soon) This Funko was an[...]
Iceman Is Here from Diamond Select Toys to Cool down Summer
Iceman also known as Bobby Drake has arrived in this heat of summer Diamond Select is releasing a refreshing statue under their Marvel Comics Premier Collection series This is a 3,000 limited edition piece statue so try to snag one up while you can The Diamond Gallery statue shows off Icemen in action with an[...]
Sina Grace on Writing Iceman at Marvel: "I Was Surrounded by Cowards"
As has been documented in various Bleeding Cool articles throughout the course of the book's two series, one of my personal favorite X-Men comics of the past few years was Iceman, written by Sina Grace, and drawn it its first volume by Alessandro Vitti and Robert Gill and in its second and concluding one-shot by[...]
Funko Round-Up: X-Men, Santa Clause, and Funko Field Opens!
The original X-men, in their original suits! Cyclops, Beast, Angel, marvel Girl, and Icem…wait a minute, where is Iceman!?!? How could you not do Iceman and complete the team? Party foul Funko Other than that glaring omission, these look absolutely perfect. It's a beautiful day for a baseball game at Funko Field! #FunkoField #FunkoFriday — Funko[...]
Marvel Legends Retro Collection X-Men Figures Up For Order Now
This new Iceman also looks like a huge upgrade over the translucent blue, more modern one we have had a couple times. #gallery-4 { margin: auto; } #gallery-4 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 50%; } #gallery-4 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-4 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Man, I cannot believe we are getting a second Marvel Legends Dazzler figure[...]
Marvel Future Fight Receives An Uncanny X-Men Update
The three new mutants joining the battle are Iceman (Modern), Jubilee (Classic), and Bishop (Disassembled), all with their own ways of adding to the battle and making things easier for you in a cluster of enemies Along with the updates we have for you below, the update comes with a brand-new stage to the Dimension Rift that features[...]
An Epilogue for Iceman [X-ual Healing 3/13/19]
It should be annoying that it's taking this long to kill the old bastard, but we can't hate on a book with Jubilee, Forge, and Glob Herman in it. Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End #1 (W) Sina Grace (A) Nathan Stockman (CA) Javi Garron Iceman and the X-Men get a special visitor from the future! An older Bobby Drake[...]
Mutants as a Metaphor for Immigration? Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End #1
But in Uncanny X-Men: Winter's End, mutants become a metaphor for… immigrants experiencing xenophobia? Well, of all the phobias, this one at least does start with an X! It all begins in this preview of next week's issue, which sees the titular Iceman helping out with some disaster relief Surely, that's something everyone can get behind,[...]
Will a Non-Core X-Book Ever Survive the Experience? [X-ual Healing 1-9-19]
It's a similar story to this week's final book, Iceman, so let's recap that one first… Iceman #5 (W) Sina Grace (A) Nathan Stockman (CA) W Scott Forbes • Iceman vs Mr Sinister, winner takes all! • Mr Sinister finally has Iceman where he wants him. • But Iceman isn't out for the count yet, as everything Bobby has learned[...]
Honesty is the Best Policy in Next Week's Iceman Finale
Iceman's character journey since his younger self was outed as gay has been one of self-exploration, figuring out who he is as both a person and a superhero That kind of introspection not only makes us hope that Marvel plans on adding more Iceman series after Age of X, but it also gives Iceman the[...]
X-Mas Comes Early as Cyclops Returns! [X-ual Healing 12-19-18]
Iceman gets a whole page to talk about how much he doesn't want to go back and forget who he is, living decades of X-Men continuity in the closet Adult Iceman tells teen Iceman that it's all because of him that he gets to be his true self today, so no matter what, his experiences[...]
Somebody Needs a Snickers in Next Week's Iceman #4
Iceman has been trying hard to prove to the Morlocks and their leader Madin that the X-Men really do care about them, despite the fact that they're mostly hideously mutated and live in the sewers But no matter how hard he tries, he just can't seem to do anything right Last issue, Iceman located Madin's[...]
Everything You Knew About Iceman Coming Out Was Wrong?
Which teasers are real and which are fake? We'll leave that to you to figure out. We've already seen a teaser threatening to rewrite how the Fantastic Four got their powers, one threatening to rewrite the Spider-Man No More story, one threatening to rewrite The Avengers finding Captain America in the ice, one threatening to rewrite the parentage of[...]
Spider-Man Discusses His Thing for Redheads in Next Week's Iceman #3
Iceman only has 5 issues of its revival to pack in as much story as possible, which has resulted in a refreshing concept for a mini-series: one-and-done stories in each issue tying into a larger narrative More comics like that, please, Marvel! In any case, Iceman #3 is advertised as a team-up of Spider-Man and his…[...]
Why is Marvel Giving X-Men Fans the Chris Claremont Runaraound? [X-ual Healing 10-10-18]
Afterward, the remaining Cuckoos disappear while Laura and Gabby celebrate Gabby's birthday at the X-mansion. This was a fun opening arc, but we're more interested in seeing where the book goes from here, having established its new status quo. Iceman #2 (of 5) (W) Sina Grace (A) Nathan Stockman (CA) W Scott Forbes • Guest-starring Emma Frost, the White[...]
A Mutant Pride Parade for the Marvel Universe? Coming in Iceman #4
Few things have made us happier in 2018 than the return of Iceman's solo series due to killer TPB sales December sees the fourth issue of this five-issue mini ship, which is sad because we don't want it to end But Sina Grace and Nathan Stockman are looking toward a celebration instead. That's right, Iceman #4 promises[...]
Iceman #1 cover by W. Scott Forbes
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Iceman is back and stopping Hell's Kitchen from getting lit up by a madman with Molotov Cocktails! After finishing that, Bobby finds a missing persons poster for a Morlock He takes it to Kitty, who says she'll get him a team The team ends up being just Bishop, but that's enough Bobby and Bishop[...]