Marvel Teases Another Event for December to Pay Off All the Earlier 2019 Events

It's finally happened, folks. We've finally reached the point where Marvel puts out so many super-mega-crossover events, they actually need an additional separate event to tie up all the loose ends from the various regular super-mega-crossover events.

At the Marvel Next Big Thing panel at C2E2 today, Marvel dropped a major announcement, even if it's one Bleeding Cool has been slowly spoiling for weeks. Jonathan Hickman is returning to Marvel to write two X-Men comics, House of X and Powers of X, starting in July just as the current X-over, Age of X-Man, ends. We also heard more about Absolute Carnage, which was already revealed at the retailer breakfast. And the whole panel kicked off with War of the Realms, the super-mega-crossover event which launches next month, billed as "unparalleled in scope."

Well, you may want to sit down for this, true believers, because it's totally shocking and unexpected. Marvel is planning another super-mega-crossover event for the end of the year, launching in December. And you know what? We can't even hate on that. If you're going to go all in on the constant, never-ending super-mega-crossover events, why hold back? Let's just have all super-mega-crossover events, all of the time. It solves the need to relaunch regular titles anyway. Just let everything be a spinoff mini-series!

No word on any other details from this upcoming event, which Marvel Editor-in-Chief C.B. Cebulski teased during the Q&A section of the panel. But look, they've got to save something for all the other conventions, right?

Marvel Teases Another Event for December to Pay Off All the Earlier 2019 Events

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