Marvel Turns Peter Parker Into A Privateer Engaged In Regime Change – Is It Justified? (Final Page Spoilers)

In Amazing Spider-Man #26, Spider-Man dedicated Parker Industries to joining mercenary Silver Sable in an attempt to depose the government of Sokovia, in league with Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin.


Spider-Man has spent much of his career in opposition to the Green Goblin, but never has the phrase "you and whose army" been so appropriate.


And unlike, say, in Bad Boys II when they decide to invade Cuba, there are some relatively real-life consequences. Because any privateer invading another nation state is going to face, well, international law.


Whether there was an attempt by Californians to overthrow the government of Laos, Minnesotans taking down the state of Gambia or Brits organising a coup in Equatorial Guinea.

Of course, in the Free Comic Book Day preview of Peter Parker, Spectacular Spider-Man, he seems to be unmolested by civil rights protestors, eating brunch outside with Mary Jane, so somehow it all works out. Could it be that the events of Secret Empire put what Parker Industries is doing into perspective?


Or could it be that the means will be seen to justify the ends?


Because Amazing Spider-Man #26 seems to have Norman Osborn as Marvel Comics' Bashir al-Assad.


Using chemicals on his own people.

Just like Hitler did, Sean.

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