Marvel's Ann Coulter Vs. Safe Space Terrorists In Today's Captain America…

Writer Nick Spencer is on a mission to make everyone hate him. Look, he knows it.

He is after all the man who made Steve Rogers an agent of Hydra since day one.


Who gave Red Skull all the best Donald Trump lines.


But then also found room for the opposition.


Today he has gone one step further in Captain America: Sam Wilson, giving us a Marvel analog for Ann Coulter, one Arielle Conner who is different to Ann in that she wears glasses.


Seriously, those are some very distinctive spectacles that separate the fictional and the real-life individual.


Naturally the new Falcon is up in arms. Or, you know, wings. And has a familiar reaction to Coulter Conner.


Notice he's not totally on-message when it comes to Sam Wilson. We'll come back to that. But he needs a little help.captain-america-sam-wilson-2015-017-2017-digital-008

But it's not a case of just #SuperheroLivesMatter, everyone wants a say.


And the chance for the Falcon to deliver a little rhetoric. See? Superhero comics are still about power fantasies, few people get the chance to say this to Ann Coulter herself.

But it's time for that legendary Nick Spencer even-handedness of pissing people off. As the recent policy of universities and colleges banning certain speakers, or declaring safe spaces against hate-speech in all manner of facilities is targeted.


And some of the very people who may have been cheering on many of the previous pages, find themselves the targets of satire. And "Bombshells" – the same name of the DC Comics title featuring a feminist sex-positive and more diverse take on classic DC characters – is the name of choice for this terrorist group.

Oh and the new Falcon goes off message again. He really should watch that.

And there are some over familiar uses of language…


captain-america-sam-wilson-2015-017-2017-digital-014 captain-america-sam-wilson-2015-017-2017-digital-015

And how does it resolve?


Everyone as divided as before.


And everyone hating Nick Spencer.

Well, that does appear to be the new status quo… and at least Paul Renauld who, you know, drew it all, stays out of the crossfire.

Captain America: Sam Wilson #17 is published today. Reaction can be found across social media.

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