Masking and Vaccination Should Be Requirements At C2E2

On April 25th, ReedPop's VP of Events Kristina Rogers emailed a Health and Safety Update regarding the masks and proof of vaccination requirement at C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo) 2022, writing:

I wanted to let you know that we are going to align with Chicagoland's current Health & Safety regulations for C2E2 this August. This means we are removing the vaccination mandate and shifting our mask policy to a recommendation, not a requirement (unless required in certain panel or talent areas.) We may change our policy again, but as of now and considering our event isn't until the late summer, we are comfortable aligning with where the rest of Chicago is.

This decision isn't one we take lightly or without quite a lot of discussion about what is best and safest for all of us. We ran a fantastic event last December that many of you joined us for and we're looking forward to running another one for you, as fun and safe as possible.

An Editorial In Favor Of Masking and Vaccination Requirements At C2E2
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I believe cons (and not just C2E2) should require a mask and proof of vaccination. C2E2 will get the heat here because a) I spent money for a badge to attend, so theoretically, I have some amount of leverage b) Reed Pop is the largest entity I'm aware of in the space. The following, I think, are four of the best reasons to require masking and proof of vaccination.

  1. Comic professionals have died of COVID, including Juan Giménez, the iconic Metabarons artist. Making the disease more difficult to spread at conventions would be a fine tribute to him.
  2. Someone with COVID will attend C2E2 no matter what rules are in place. (See Norwes Con.) When this person with COVID does attend, their chance of infecting other people goes down if the people around them are masked up and vaccinated.
  3. Masks and proof of vaccination are an opportunity for ReedPop to demonstrate leadership in the convention circuit.
  4. Speaking of the convention circuit, it's important to be a good neighbor. Professionals and guests have obligations after C2E2, and getting sick at the show (even if it's not COVID) makes it more difficult to honor those obligations, especially if it's another con the following weekend. Masks reduce the spread of non-COVID sicknesses too.

Obviously, I hope Rogers and ReedPop reinstate the mask requirement and vaccination mandate for C2E2.

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