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The Mighty Captain Marvel #7 Review: The Tide Turns, And Then Turns Back Again

The Mighty Captain Marvel #7 Review: The Tide Turns, And Then Turns Back Again

*Ties into the Secret Empire crossover

In The Mighty Captain Marvel #7, Captain Marvel, Alpha Flight, the Ultimates, and the Guardians of the Galaxy continue their struggle against the Chitauri forces attacking Earth.

The new cadets — Glory, A'Di, and Dante — find themselves in a bad position as they attempted to contact Earth with the help of A'Di's drone, Itz. No other attempts to communicate with the planet have worked so far, but theirs just might have. However, with another wave on the horizon, will it matter?

This story is another instance of low stakes due to the nature of big crossover events like these. You know little of consequence will happen within these pages because nothing big and ground-shaking will happen outside of Secret Empire proper. However, does The Mighty Captain Marvel manage to convince you that its stakes are high?

Thankfully, yes, it does. This does feel like the frontlines of a long and arduous war for the planet, with Captain Marvel hanging on by a thread at the beginning of the comic as she is beaten down by the Chitauri forces. Our heroes run a gambit with a pair of experimental space helicarriers that turns out to be a pretty cool concept that manages to win the day.

I have mixed feelings on the three cadets. A'Di is by far the most likable, and her attachment to Itz is really endearing. However, the three together feel like a stereotype of fast-talking, sarcastic millennials. That wouldn't be a problem if there was more to them, but as of yet, they feel pretty much all surface.

Just so you know: if you try to make the obvious joke "every millennial is all surface" in the comments, you don't get any points for creativity, and you're not funny. And no, the damn kids won't get off your lawn.

Anyway, the overall plot still feels a bit stalled out due to its status as a tie-in. It can't move forward yet, because Secret Empire won't allow for it.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #7 Review: The Tide Turns, And Then Turns Back Again

The art is really good, though. Michele Bandini has a sleek, clean style that works well with the setting being entirely in space. Captain Marvel and Hyperion's powers look really cool, the Chitauri look menacing, and the energy web the Alpha Flight drones made looks nice. The color work of Erick Arciniega matches the sleek look really well, and his focus on blues and purples for the space environment looks fantastic.

The Mighty Captain Marvel #7 is still a solid Captain Marvel comic. It's always disappointing watching an otherwise good comic being stalled out by a big event, but those here for Carol Danvers will not be disappointed. However, if you're interested in Secret Empire, it won't give you much. I can still give it a decent recommendation, though.

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